Photo by Heather Hixon of actress Italia Ricci

Photo by Heather Hixon of actress Italia Ricci

When our clients first hear the word "advertisement," they imagine a typical, flashing banner that has done nothing for them in the past. Times have changed, and so have we. Zooey Magazine caters to a specific audience, and therefore everything that is done to help sell a 'product,' has been done strategically with the demographic in mind. We do not pursue the mediocre. 

The online platform and network that we have is large and it continues to grow. We have access to the best photographers with an eye for capturing details. We have an incredible team of artists who work around the clock to ensure quality over quantity. And most importantly, you are not speaking to "customer service," you are speaking to the Editor-in-Chief directly, because we value our relationships over our own profits. 

What we offer:

  • Placements in web features (your products are incorporated into our story or is the highlight of a story): In this way, we are subtly and strategically promoting a product to our readers. 
  • Editorial placements (in our styled shoots or even our celebrity features): Geared specifically for our fashion clients, seeing an item styled is one of the more rewarding features because it allows a reader to see how a product can be used in everyday life. 
  • Social media plugs: We photograph provided items for our social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest). This is one of our quickest opportunities to gain instant exposure, and is great eye candy for our followers. 
  • Look books and campaigns: This is our latest addition to our advertising packages. Hand us your campaign ideas, and we'll execute it with our in-house team. Leave worry-free and come home to a folder of images ready for your print and web usage. 

What we don't offer:

  • Website product reviews
  • Text links
  • Guest articles written by brands


Usually, we are very transparent about what we offer, but as every client differs from A to Z, we have to sit down for a chat to discuss a plan. We want to ensure that you are happy, because if you're not, we're not happy either. 

But in case you are wondering, our packages begin at $50 USD and we accept payment over online invoicing and/or checks. We do not accept cash, PayPal, or over the phone payments. 

If you have a small budget, we understand. Zooey Magazine is a small business too, made up of just a few people, but many contributors. We work as a family and as a community. When creative mindsets come together, nothing but beauty unravels. So we understand your limitations and respect them to the highest extent. We will work around whatever you may need.


Types of products we feature:

  • Children's fashion and lifestyle products
  • Women's clothing and accessories
  • Home decor and kitchen supplies

The facts:

  • Print publication: We used to produce a tangible product 4 times a year. But we felt limited to what we can publish, so we closed our publication and transferred everything to our online platform and it has been a better solution for all of our clients. We're now able to push content out quicker and even better! 
  • Demographic: Women ages 18-34, average being 28 (as of November 2014)
  • Unique visitors: An average of 50-60,000 per month
  • Topics covered: Celebrity profiles, style guides, family features, day in the life, home stories, personal narratives, and occasional commentary on current news and politics revolving around women's issues. We attempt to portray our stories in the most real and authentic way possible. 
  • Our office(s): Between a living room on the west side of Los Angeles and a beautiful apartment complex in a downtown Los Angeles high rise
  • Why we do what we do: We value our reality, and with the booming of the Internet, we found that outlets have lacked many senses of that world. While we love art and all things poised, we also treasure imperfection and candidness. Not everything turns out the way we want to, but we find that to be the most beautiful. You'll come to see how honest we are about what we do, and also how hard we work to make ends meet. We work until you are satisfied with what you pursued with us. Let's get started! 

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An on-going package refers to a lengthier duration for advertisements. For example, if you desire to be featured in editorials and also social media, we can ensure that a certain amount of posts are made, and a certain amount of editorials would feature your products until we've reached our desired goal. This would work best for those looking for consistent promotion and better results.

Thank you so much for your interest! We will get back to you within 2-3 business days.