Invest in the Real.

Zooey Magazine serves as a dialogue for the everyday woman. We celebrate a positive and wholesome lifestyle; we feature entertainment, arts, crafts, fashion, and subjects who we find to match our aesthetic and mission.


What we offer:

  • Traditional banner advertising on our 'stories' page
  • Social media incorporations
  • Placements in editorials
  • Sponsored posts

What we don't offer:

  • Product reviews or text links
  • Children's fashion & lifestyle brands (might consider it for Little Zooey)
  • Social media giveaways (only web)


We believe in the good old saying: quality over quantity. We develop attentive relationships between our advertisers to ensure that both brands thrive in business.

The magazine has expanded and is bigger and better than ever. Entering the 5th year of life, Zooey is becoming a favorite in households nationwide.

Photo c/o Heather Hixon

Photo c/o Heather Hixon