Zooey Magazine is a digital publication about simple, mindful living. All content is designed for women and families across the nation. While our headquarters are centralized in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, we often require the help of dozens of artists (i.e. writers, illustrators, photographers, etc) to produce the beautiful photographs and stories you see today. Therefore, we highly value our contributors and their efforts, because they help create Zooey Magazine. This is about collaboration and community. 

If you would like to join our team, please review the guidelines below.









1. Please fill out the form below, and ensure that you have carefully detailed who you are, how your work is similar to our aesthetic and goals, and what ideas you may have to offer.

2. While we no longer produce "editorials," we have categories to fulfill that require beautiful photography. Generally, this involves family-centered stories, and we often work with talented mothers and fathers who happen to be photographers as well. If this sounds like you, we cannot wait to read your email!

3. To maintain Zooey Magazine's aesthetic, we do not publish the following: glamour, boudoir, high fashion, nor commercial photography. 

4. You do not have to live in the United States to join our photography team, but it sure does help!








1. Other publications may veer away from publicly sensitive topics like: women's rights, family issues, politics, and more, here at Zooey Magazine, we create an open discussion using our carefully formulated opinions. We believe in having an honest dialogue, and that happens through the help of our writers.

2. Please include some examples of your writings (reports, narratives, articles, etc). While your A+ high school essays are wonderful, we need current work that is reflective of your skills today.

3. We publish narratives that deal with women and families. Pitch us a story or two for us to tackle! 




1. If you're an established stylist, whether for home interior or for products, we'd love to hear from you. 

2. We are looking for someone with a knack for simple beauty, as we enjoy publishing flat lays, creating beautiful rooms and more, as well as putting together feasible DIY's for both women and children. 

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