Zooey is a Los Angeles-based digital publication, but features contributions (i.e. writing, photography, art, etc) from artists around the world. In order for Zooey to maintain its aesthetic and cohesiveness, submissions enter a filter process; all submissions go through a team of people before being finally approved by the Editor-in-Chief. If you have material that you think would align with Zooey, please feel free to submit using the form below. 


  • Photography: Zooey does not publish any photo sessions without a story. If you have an editorial you are looking to publish, please include a summary of its concept (i.e. what it's about, why you shot it, who it involves, etc). Zooey does not publish nude, boudoir, or glamour photo sets. Photography style should be reflective of Zooey's overall image. We're excited to see what you come up! 
  • Writing: Zooey features personal narratives (i.e. self-reflections, opinions on current news/issues, etc), interviews with talents and small business owners, women's rights activists, politicians, poetry, and more. We love to share/hear a good story!
  • Art: Illustrations are more than welcomed on Zooey's digital platform. Currently, Zooey is looking for illustrations that are part of ongoing series with a story. Please include a link to your website portfolio (not just social media). 
  • Press Releases: We thank you for your interest in promoting your talent/brand/product! We carefully curate who/what we feature, and hope to work with you if our branding aligns! 

Because of the amount of submissions we receive every day, we may not be able to respond to your submission. Please feel free to re-submit if you do not hear back. Generally, we attempt to respond within 2-3 business days.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you! 

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