Tiffani Thiessen and daughter Harper / Photographed by Megan Welker

Tiffani Thiessen and daughter Harper / Photographed by Megan Welker

In an attempt to do things differently in the media, Zooey Magazine was created out of the desire to discuss and celebrate the raw journey of women's lives. Zooey was established in print form in 2010, and continued its publication online in 2015. Celebrities that have graced the covers include: Kristen Bell, Sara Bareilles, Kaley Cuoco, Anna Paquin, the Kind Campaign founders, and so much more. Their stories have been quoted and re-quoted on national television and news outlets, because Zooey evades mediocrity. 

Today, Zooey explore the lives of women and their families in in the most authentic and transparent manner. By representing women and families as they are, Zooey breaks down the barriers that mask our most authentic selves and divide our communities. Zooey therefore challenge readers to perceive public content with an open-mind, and in turn, share themselves with the world as well. 

Zooey is a publication about simple and mindful living. 








Women make up a majority of our readers (~85%). They are mostly college-educated with an estimated saturated income of $70,000 - $100,000. 

Our website receives about 60,000 unique visitors a month, most of whom are based in the United States, with Europe being our second biggest audience (England, France, Italy). 

We use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote our publication. 

Topics we cover


Family, children, women's issues, women's rights, entertainment, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable and small business-made products. 

Zooey may discuss and offer opinions on current news, which are not reflective of any of the subjects featured in the publication. The magazine aims to be as honest and raw as possible, which may result to unretouched/manipulated images. We do not believe in destroying the foundation of the women and families that we feature and do not ever intend to. 

Zooey is also a non-profit publication, which means there are no official advertisements other than placements that help with maintaining the magazine. 

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