Hello, Paper!

There is something about the synergy between two sisters that creates the perfect spark for a great idea. We saw the light bulbs going off when the Olsen twins founded the Row and when the Mulleavy sisters upstarted Rodarte. For Sabrina and Eunice Moyle, creating Hello!Lucky was no different. Although creative in different ways, the two played off each others strengths when it came to creating their own letterpress studio in the Bay Area. Sabrina offered practicality with her business background, while Eunice used her own art and illustrations as the initial inspiration for Hello!Lucky’s chic and whimsical stationary.

Despite their shared love for creating fun and personalized cards, the two sisters have very distinct styles. Eunice’s designs are described as bohemian and hand-crafted, gravitating towards the category of “boho-ethnic-French.” Whereas, Sabrina has a style that is more “modern-meets-whimsical,” with inspirations from vintage paint-by-numbers, the 1950s and Jonathan Adler. Somewhere in the middle, the two minds collide and their ideas mesh into a collection of designs that is Hello!Lucky. Always trying to find a balance between vintage and contemporary themes, the Moyles seek out inspiration in every nook and cranny, from the flea markets they scour for rare, vintage finds to the local eateries and architecture they encounter during their travels. Being both married to Brits, Sabrina and Eunice spend a good amount of time flying between the states and London, a city that perfectly embraces the old and the new and inspires them to do the same. This eclectic spirit is visible in their use of retro typography and a palette blend of both soft pastels and saturated hues.

Even more vintage-inspired are the printing presses that print all the designs right in their San Francisco office. The Moyle sisters upkeep this letterpress process (which is rarely used by a majority of stationary businesses today) to produce cards that showcase the beautiful, authentic quality of handmade stationary. It is evident that Sabrina and Eunice put a great amount of heart into their work, and customers appreciate their undying dedication to produce the best. Their clients come far and wide to Hello Lucky for all occasions, ranging from birthdays and holidays to baby showers and, most popularly, weddings. Regardless of the event, Sabrina and Eunice always have one motto in mind: be creative and make people happy!

Perhaps the greatest inspiration for nurturing the growth of their work is the simple desire to do what they love. Business aside, the Moyle sisters even use these creations for their own everyday events. In the past, they have put together small parties for their close friends and their kids, ranging from a vintage Bingo social to a party based entirely around an Alice in Wonderland theme. However, the two sisters agree that their favorite project was Eunice’s own wedding, inspired by London-based photographer Tim Walker. The event was complete with crepe paper flowers, animal silhouettes for the guests, boutonnières with vintage ribbon and various other handcrafted décor. Although Sabrina and Eunice would both like to throw more intimate, themed gatherings for familiar faces, there is something timeless and classic about being able to make people happy on their special day that continues to keep them excited about what they do.

It was only a matter of time before their dedication finally launched Hello Lucky into the spotlight. Besides their appearance in multiple blogs throughout the UK and the US, Hello!Lucky has also been featured in leading design publications such as InStyle Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Marie Claire and Design*Sponge, just to name a few. For Sabrina and Eunice, being recognized within the industry felt like a young girl “getting a wink from across the room by some dashing unattainable guy!” Although the Moylers remain wide-eyed and in shock, loyal fans and customers are not in the least bit surprised. Yet, at the end of the day, their story remains true. Although Hello!Lucky has reached new heights in the number of events they do and the number of features they land, Sabrina and Eunice share that the success of their business is not measured by the fame and the hype. The focus is still on the customers and on the work that is done at the studio. One thing that has remained consistent despite the many changes over the years is the fun and creative vibe within the studio. Every member of the Hello!Lucky team appreciates creating art simply to make others happy. As the Moyler sisters say, “success is all about finding passionate, talented, like-minded people and letting them do their thing!”

Interviewed by Lynn Chu