Brian White, Beauty and the Beast

After the success of the mystical series The Vampire Diaries, The CW finds another whimsical hit in this fall’s Beauty and the Beast, a reprise of the original 1987 cult sensation. Smallville bombshell Kristen Kreuk returns to the network as Catherine Chandler (“Belle”) who after witnessing the murder of her mother as child, would’ve been killed herself had someone (or something) not stepped in and saved her life. Fast forward to the present, she’s now a police officer and her boss is Lieutenant Joe Bishop, played by Brian J. White. “It’s a complete update,” White says of the production. “It’s now a procedural that focuses heavy on character. It’s not always about solving the case; it’s about how the characters respond to the process of solving the case and how it affects their lives, their emotions and their relationships.” Beauty promises the mystery, magic and forbidden romance of both the original series and the beloved fairy tale. The Beast (Jay Ryan) is trying to find a cure for his hulk-like tendencies, while Catherine is working to find her mother’s murderers. The pair agrees to help each other out, and of course they’re drawn to one another.

No stranger to the world of cop-drama, White has starred in shows like The Shield and Moonlight, roles that White went above and beyond the call of duty to prepare for. “When I was working on The Shield, we spent 2 or 3 days a week riding along with the LAPD. We’d ride around with them all night, go on arrests, go on raids, go to the shooting range. The more experience I can get the better. I’ve been out with the FBI, CIA, ATF, and police departments in about 7 states trying to be a part of anything that lets me know what their lives are really like. Knowing what the stakes are helps me do my job better.” A former professional NFL player, he brings a little athleticism to everything he does. He even does his own stunts. “I never use a stunt double. Doing wire work and running from building to building is amazing. Whether it’s me and Channing Tatum kicking each other’s butts in Fighting or letting Tyler Perry kick my butt in Good Deeds, I can always find ways to use the skills I’ve had and develop them and push myself to the limit.” Don’t miss the premiere of Beauty and the Beast on October 11th at 9/8c on The CW.

Interviewed by Ashley Symone Lee

Photographed by Vince Trupsin