Christa B. Allen of "Revenge"

Christa B. Allen, also known as the younger Jennifer Garner, has been making headlines for years and now successfully molded herself as a critically acclaimed actress in ABC's "Revenge."

The anticipated second season of Revenge just started, how would you describe the show for anyone who hasn't seen it yet? "Revenge" is kind of like an hour-long film on your television every week, with the same thorough line of vengeance. It's watching a woman do all of the things you wish you could do to get revenge in your life- from martial arts, to breaking into buildings, to breaking people down emotionally. But it also has a redeeming quality, because this woman is doing it all to avenge the wrongful death of her father.

The first season was a difficult downward spiral for your character, Charlotte. What can we expect from her this season, a new resilience? Or will she be thrown even more curve balls? A bit of both, I think. Last season tested Charlotte; it actually pushed her to her limit. She nearly died! I think anyone who has gone through something like that comes out the other side hardened, ready to fight. Charlotte will certainly be tougher this season, and I think that means people will be testing her limits!

What kind of experience has it been working on Revenge, with its big ensemble cast of great up and coming actors? What a treat! Madeleine and Henry are amazing to look up to and learn from- with such vast experience and wisdom. Emily is disciplined. Ashley, Gabe, Nick and Josh are super fun, and Connor has such a great mind. They're all fantastic in their own way and respectable actors- I mean that, truly.

Revenge has probably been your biggest role to date, how has your life changed in the last year or so? Well I certainly work more months out of the year than I used to, so there's a discipline that comes with that. I've gotten to connect with more people from all over the world thanks to this show- and nothing makes me happier!

Your first noted role was as a young version of Jennifer Garner’s character in 13 Going on 30, how do you feel you have progressed as an actor since then? I think with more life experience, one is able to more fully understand a variety of characters. An actor should only develop more tools as they age.

Where would you like to see yourself in five or ten years? After "Revenge" I will focus on film, as film was my first love!

What, for you, would be the ultimate accomplishment as an actor? There is no ultimate goal; I'm not after any awards or specific roles. Truth is, there are many roles that really get me going. To set a target would mean that once I reach it, I go back home. I want to be doing what I do until I can't do it anymore!

  Are there any actors that you dream of working with? Al Pacino.

If you were to star in a remake of a classic film, who would you want to play? I'd like instead for somebody to answer this question in 50 years with a role that I will someday have played.

I heard that you and Ashley Madekwe are planning a Halloween party together - what will you girls be dressing up as this year? I can't give away her costume, but I'll say she kept it in the Disney family! Mine will be something with feathers, I think. I have such a thing for feathers at the moment.

You come from a big family of boys, has that had any impact on you? I am now amazing at dodging tickle attacks.

What is the best advice you’ve received from an older actor? Jennifer Garner said her best advice is to always keep a life outside of Hollywood. I think there is some truth in that.

Photography by Vince Trupsin Interview by Francesca Nicol

Makeup: Sarah Uslan Hair: John D. Styling: Sean Knight