This is Me: Tilky Jones

Tilky Jones, Nashville, Zooey Magazine Tilky Jones, Nashville, Zooey Magazine

Tilky Jones, Nashville, Zooey Magazine

Tilky Jones | Age: 31 | Occupation: Actor on Nashville

Tilky, we love you on "Nashville." So first off, you're already an accomplished musician. Tell us how the audition process like for your new show!

I went in for Avery originally. But I was called in for Sean Butler months later. My agent asked if I could go audition in an hour. I went in with my guitar, sat it down and did a few scenes for the room. One of the scenes was where Juliette and Sean do a version of "Love Like Mine" together. I played guitar for that one, then got the call about the booking the following day and was on a plane to Nashville the next. It can happen like that at times.

Portraying Hayden Panettiere's love interest seems like quite the task! Since it must be such a responsibility. How did you prepare yourself for the role? What were your expectations of the role, Hayden, and the show itself? Have you learned anything new of the cast so far?

A task? We have a great time working together. It's a breeze. She's great at what she does, is considerate of the crew and ridiculously funny. A true pro.

There is much about Sean I can relate to. As a quarter back, it's imperative that he stays disciplined and for him, that translates over into his life off of the field. For me, when I'm working on a project I care about, I thrive outside of work as well. That's the case for me on this terrific show.

Also, I can see why Sean feels an obligation to stay on track. He's revered and wants to be an example. Sean's fallen into the place of a role model, and feels pressure to be a good one. But whole heartily wants to be also. He's amped the drills up in training too.

Can't really have too many expectations for a character on episodics. They keep it exciting and interesting. There are times when you show up on set and the scene is re-written. That's the fun part of my job, bringing to life the vision of the writer/creator/director, contributing my thoughts and ideas with so many others, in order to create that one thing and make it as genuine as possible.

Some of your roles have required you to be...well, shirtless. You must be comfortable in your own skin! Talk to us about how you prepare for scenes like that, especially with Hayden in "Nashville."

I eat lots of pizza. No, honesty, I'll cut back on dessert a little. I like to run also. So that keeps me healthy. Hayden is so good looking, and with her in the scene, I can guarantee all eyes are on her.

Now, tell us about your music. We loved your take on the Maroon 5 "One More Night." When should we expect to hear more from you? Any plans for being on "Glee?"

Thank you very much, I love hearing that. Working on music now and am hoping to have it out this year. I cut some tracks in Nashville. The production value of the records that are recorded by the writers and producers in this town is like no other.

It would be great to have a spot on the cast of "Glee." The right role is always the key.

Among all the roles you’ve portrayed, what has been your favorite and why? Was it the cast? The job itself, etc?

I can't really pick a favorite. I feel so blessed to be able to have worked on all the projects I've been on. In every cast I've worked with, I've learned so much from so many of them. Just by being around greats like Kevin Costner ("The Guardian"), and Live Schreiber ("Every Day"), Ashton Kutcher ("The Guardian") and Ezra Miller ("Every Day"), and working with directors like Andy Davis ("The Guardian"), Tamra Davis ("Single Ladies"), Mimi Lender ("Nashville"). Being able to watch them work, pick their brains and hear their stories have given me an opportunity to continue to grow. What one learns on set is unmatched.

Besides acting, singing, and playing music - what are some other things you have mastered? Cooking? Sports? etc.

Martial Arts. Judo, Jujitsu and Karate were the kinds of things that I studied. I love to cook, but I wouldn't say I've mastered that at all. I'm working on it. I love to surf, and wake board. I'm into anything water sports oriented. As a kid, I use to be involved in a ton of sports. Soccer, swimming, tennis. I rode a great deal of horses, too. I try to get outside a lot. Sometimes I can be kept up in the studio for forever and not even realize it.

Valentine's Day is a month away...what are your plans? If any?

No plans! Maybe I'll fancy someone by the time the holiday rolls around and bring her flowers and surprise her with a trip to Hawaii.

If you could play a role in a film or television show from the past, which would it be? And dream job for the future?

I would love to have played the character David from "David and Lisa" played by Keir Dullea. It was shot in 1962. A black and white film about a young man in a mental institution for teens who begins to understand his psychosis in the environment of others with mental and emotional problems. He finds intimacy with Lisa, a young woman suffering from schizophrenia. An amazing film.

The future dream job will come. I can feel it.

What are at least 5 things on your bucket list? Or what was on your New Year's Resolutions list if you had one?

On my New Years resolution list is to speak with my actions, think wiser, feel younger, be present and live in the moment more often.

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