Just Another Day with Ginger Gonzaga

Ginger Gonzaga, Zooey Magazine From co-hosting a show, to landing roles in FX’s “Legit”, NBC’s “Whitney”, and the movie “TED”, Ginger Gonzaga proves that her humor really is contagious. The talented actress shares a diverse array of abilities that can bring laughter to any audience. After speaking to her in her very own home, we soon find out that this comedic appeal is not just acting.

How did you first get involved in comedy? In college I auditioned for The Groundlings my sophomore year of college after seeing Melissa McCarthy destroy that stage. She was amazing. I was accepted after my first audition, but I couldn't start school at The Groundlings because I was still in college, so I graduated early.

Ginger Gonzaga, Zooey Magazine

Were you goofy as a child? Yes. I grew up in the worst city ever. Modesto, California. There is nothing to do there but go to Target. Target was like our Disneyland. So I had to entertain myself. My friends and I would dress up like old ladies and knock on neighbors’ doors and act weird. Sometimes we would decorate refrigerator boxes to look like weird characters, then hide inside of them and knock on neighbors' doors. When they opened their doors, there would see two giant cardboard characters (with 11 year old girls stifling giggles inside).

What are some of your favorite roles to play? Strong, sassy, sharp-tongued women, and creatures like people who are lonely.

Have you ever considered doing anything with your hobby of singing? Possibly another career route? Yes, I have and I did, but it's difficult to pursue both. I had to choose acting in order to focus my time, and avoid this recurring dream I had every time I was trying to both sing and act. Whenever my schedule got too crazy with both, I'd have this dream that I ended up getting an F in a class because I was so busy I forgot to attend. I seriously only ever have that dream when I'm split between acting and singing. Hopefully I'll get a chance to sing in a film and combine the best of both worlds.

Ginger Gonzaga, Zooey Magazine

What is it about Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings” that attracts you to his character, and how would you play him differently? He's sexy and I've always wanted to play a sexy character. Something about his uneven skin tone just says MEOW! Just kidding. I like how much is required of Andy Serkis' body to play that part. You can see Gollum's pain and addictions in every physical movement. He's sad and torn, but there's a desire for him to be better and healthy. It's very dark, but I feel like I can relate to him. That and because we have a very similar body-type!

How would you describe your humor? When I write I think it's smart and clever dark comedy that comments a lot on society. When I act I think it's both character-y and honest.

Ginger Gonzaga, Zooey Magazine

Is there a sketch you’ve always wanted to create but never got the chance to? I wanted to interview Sarah Palin in character during her height of awesome idiocy, but she's hard to track down. There are just too many Walmarts in America, I didn't know which one she would be at.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself, without using the word funny? Tall, Charlize Theron look alike, and Nobel prize winner (I have very healthy self-esteem, and I can't count words).

If there is one thing you would want to be known for, what would it be? Stopping all the Kim Kardashians of the world from procreating.

Photographer: Vince Trupsin Hair and Makeup: Amber Bruehl Interview: Stephanie Kim

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