Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Spring Cover Girl

If you follow us on our social networks, you have seen our new Spring cover and have heard us rave about our cover girl. We haven't yet released anything other than the cover, until...well, now. We've kept you all on your toes long enough, so here's to a happy Thursday to all of you. We present you...Miss Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the girl of everyone's dreams. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Zooey Magazine

She has a name that belongs in an era far removed from ours and a visage that immediately transported me to Victorian England. If actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead would have met me at Hollywood’s Beachwood Café in a bustle and a corset, I would have sworn she had walked right off the page of a Jane Austen novel. Not the case though. In fact, she grew up in North Carolina and Utah in the nineties and has been acting since childhood in mostly action and horror films.

With the exception of her portrayal as Mary Todd Lincoln in the skewed historical tale "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," the roles this beauty has played are in strong juxtaposition to her elegance. Action flicks such as "Final Destination 3," "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World," "Live Free and Die Hard," and "A Good Day to Die Hard," dominated her resume until she stunned critics and fans alike with her portrayal of recovering alcoholic Kate and wife to Aaron Paul’s alcoholic Charlie in 2012’s Smashed. She finally was given the opportunity to show off her talent and a vast range that will only become more apparent when she’s seen in the upcoming comedy A.C.O.D. and dramedy The Spectacular Now.

Winstead obviously has a blooming onscreen career, but her off-screen grace is just as impressive. Awaiting her arrival, I sat at one of the quaint café’s small wooden tables sipping a mocha and fiddling with my iPhone. As soon as she walked in, however, I could sense the presence of a confident woman. Her chocolate locks wrapped in a tight bun and a poise that had everyone in the bustling coffee house staring. Even fellow actress Heather Graham who sat at the table catty to ours gazed up in awe of Winstead’s tall frame draped in a chic tomato red coat reminiscent of the 1960s. That outward refinement harmonized with her interior self as she sweetly demonstrated patience with a wait staff that never brought the turkey burger and fries she ordered and kindly shared pieces of her life she thought special despite the ravenous hunger she was forced to suffer through. That’s old-fashioned generosity at its best.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Zooey Magazine

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Zooey Magazine

You can read more of Mary's interview in a print copy. This issue hits newsstands (Hastings, Barnes & Nobles, and independent newsstands) nationwide on April 2nd. If you're in Los Angeles and too anxious, Zooey is currently being carried at the Farmers Market Newsstand at The Grove and also at the Westwood Village Newsstand.

Interview by Lecia Doss

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