A Day with Christoph Sanders

Christoph Sanders For us, we still see Christoph Sanders as the young Ned Banks in Jennifer Love Hewitt's past hit "Ghost Whisperer." It's not a bad thing, surely, because Sanders is a cool guy with the sweetest heart around. This 25-year-old actor now seen on "Last Man Standing," let us take a tour of his pad (which has a very grounded, natural vibe) in Los Angeles, which we happily invaded to say the least.

Christoph Sanders What has been the highlight of your career so far? Working on "Last Man Standing" (as Kyle Anderson), I feel like almost every job I've had has been a step up, no more so than "Last Man Standing." I'm looking forward to getting back to work on [the show] in August. 

Christoph Sanders

Tell me one thing that most people don’t know about you. I enjoy baking, but not eating what I make. I end up giving away almost everything I make.    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Television, I end up watching way to much TV when I have stuff I should be getting done. 

christoph_4Christoph Sanders

Your house seems very secluded and very natural - what made you decide to live there instead of living in the midst of LA's urban life?  Because I get best of both worlds, I'm a short drive into the city and everything I love about Los Angeles, but when I get home it feels like I'm a hundred miles away.

Do you have any pet peeves?  Bullying, I can't stand a bully. 

Christoph Sanders

Who is the one person that you would be starstruck when meeting? Daniel Day Lewis, mostly because I have no idea what I would talk to him about.

What made you want to become an actor? How it made me feel. I really love to act, and with most things i can get bored pretty quick, but with acting you're never done learning. 

Christoph Sanders

So I know that you obtained rank of Eagle Scout through Boy Scouts of America. Getting to such a high rank must have been an amazing accomplishment! Tell me something else that is on your bucket list. I've always wanted to live in another country and learn the language.

What are some of the lessons learned (through Boy Scouts) that remain with you today? How important it is to respect one another.

Christoph Sanders

Is there a particular quote or life lesson that you live by? Be as honest to others as you expect them to be to you. 

Interviewed by Kayla Aldecoa

Photographed by Vince Trupsin Groomed by Amber Bruehl