Jake of all Trades: Jacob Artist

Jacob Artist, Zooey Magazine Jacob Artist, Zooey Magazine

Jacob Artist. Jake Puckerman. The two may share the same first name, yet they could not be more different. In fact, as Jacob sits before me, relaxed and with a big smile set across his face, any visage of Puckerman quickly fades way. Unlike the bad boy image he portrays so well on television, Jacob exudes a quiet confidence comparable to that of James Dean, who was the primary source of inspiration for his editorial shoot. Thrust into the spotlight at an early age, Jacob has already stolen the hearts of many as one of the newest cast members to join Fox’s hit TV series, Glee, this season. He sings, he acts, he dances; multitalented and multifaceted, Jacob is quickly building a name for himself in the entertainment industry. And after sitting with him for only a few minutes, it’s so easy to see why.

Although Jacob’s popularity stems from his role as Jake Puckerman on Glee, he really began his road to success through a different vocation. “I actually grew up as a dancer my whole life,” he tells me. Now the graceful air he seems to carry about himself all makes sense. “I grew up as a competition kid. So I did everything: jazz, tap, hip hop. And then I did a lot of extra ballet on top of all of that when I was in high school. I actually got accepted into Julliard for dance, but I turned it down to come to LA.” Despite his casual attitude, Jacob’s list of talents are very impressive for such a young star. Would Jake Puckerman take ballet? Probably not. But it is no doubt that Jacob’s work as a trained dancer has helped him stand out, not only in Hollywood, but with his fans as well.

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Jacob Artist, Lemon & Line

Interviewed by Pauline Aguayo

Photographed by Derek Wood Styled by Kenn Law Groomed by Myke Spezzano Production Assistants: Tiffany Ma and Pauline Aguayo