The Wisdom of Angela Trimbur

Angela Trimbur, Zooey Magazine Since inspiring the world to dance like nobody’s watching, Angela Trimbur is now working on Mike Judge’s new HBO show “Silicon Valley.” She thoughtfully shares with with us 20 important life lessons in our Spring 2013 issue that is a must-read. Print this list out out, share it with your neighbor, or share it with the world.

1: Always run like you’re being chased.

2: Guys like when you say ‘dude’ a lot during sex. “Oh dude, that feels so good, dude.”

3: When paying bills at home, listen to some reggae - you stay super chilled and it’s nearly impossible to be sad about losing some money.

4: It’s always nice to periodically update the person you’re dating that they are “still in the running!” then gives a thumbs up.

5: Cover your self help books with a classic brown shopping bag cover for a cool mysterious reading-in-public look.

6: When faking a cellphone call on the streets to avoid someone, the best thing to say is “Oh I can’t really hear you, can you speak up?” It's honest!

7: Gum chewing never looks cool. It looks lazy and immature and dumb. Spray your mouth with binaca or pop a mint. Seriously. The cow-grazing look makes you less attractive subconsciously.

8: The best universal thing to say while giving any sort of toast is: “Here’s to constant stimulation!” It’s fits every celebration.

9: When typing a password in front of a friend, just tell them what it is, so nobody feels weird for a second.

10: Whenever you feel lonely, just pretend there’s an artsy ghost in the room, sketching a portrait of you just doing your thing.

Angela Trimbur, Zooey Magazine

11: Dance like nobody’s watching.

12: JEALOUSY is the ugliest emotion! Avoid feeling it by being excited for that person and stay positive knowing you will have something exciting happen to you soon.

13: If you just got out of a relationship and are sad, hurt, miss your ex, and are tempted to call him/ in your car and scream so loud that you lose your voice. That way you can’t call because you can’t speak and be heard! Stay quiet for a few days, it’ll be better for everyone I promise.

14: Everyone’s heart hurts for different reasons. Let’s be sensitive to that.

15: If you’re laying face to face with someone and you both have your eyes closed, NEVER OPEN THEM, because that’s when they’ll open theirs and you’ll look like a psycho.

16: Don’t get bummed out if someone you love doesn’t dig something about you. That “ugh” may be someone else’s “yay!”

17: Tip for men with live-in girlfriends: if you want a little space for her or a momentary pacifier, draw her a hooked-up bath for one! It’s a fun way to get her away and she will also feel special.

18: If you wear contacts or glasses and are feeling a little bored in your relationship, take them off so you don’t see who you are kissing and pretend it’s someone else instead. Just to mix it up in your own head.

19: In a gym class, when the instructor says “How’s everyone feeling?” or “Who’s ready for a workout?” don’t be silent. That is your turn to say “whoo hoo!” It’ll lift up everyone’s spirits.

20: Stay classy occasionally.

Photographed by Derek Wood on IMPOSSIBLE Project instant film Styled by Lucia Tran Hair by Jeanne SanDiego Makeup by Myke Spezzano