Downtown House

Zooey Magazine, Anchors We found Downtown House on Instagram, and since then, we've been on their tail checking out their wooden jewelry designs. We got two necklaces - the Mint/Seafoam Green Minimal and the Navy Anchor. A dear couple in Austin, TX hand-makes these pieces and we've fallen in love!

And the nicest part about these necklaces can easily turn them into key chains or even as a bracelet. Of course, if you're not into DIYs (which is impossible if you're a Zooey reader), Downtown House sells the variations too!

Anyways, we don't want to keep yammering...but we do want to let you know we're giving away both of these necklaces to our readers! To enter, see the simple guidelines below!

How to enter - 1. Follow Zooey Magazine and Downtown House on Instagram! 2. Save our photo of the necklaces, and post it on Instagram! Tag both Zooey and Downtown House in the Instagram! 3. Hashtag: #ZooeyDowntown 4. Make sure your Instagram profile isn't private, otherwise we can't see your post.

Deadline: September 1st! We'll announce the winner right here on this page and also on Instagram! Good luck fellow readers!