This is Me: Erinn Westbrook

Erinn Westbrook, Zooey Magazine "Glee's" latest addition is Erinn Westbrook, a Harvard alum who has made her way back to high school portraying a mean Cheerio named Bree. Today, we get to share you Erinn's life, career, and her enormous love for Shakespeare and Jane Austen (our kind of gal!).

You are "Glee's" newest addition, starring as queen bee and mean girl, Bree. Now we're sure you're nothing like your character, but has it been fun divulging in the dark side? Have you played any other characters like Bree, or is she your first mean girl?

You're right - I am absolutely nothing like the queen of mean, Bree. With that said, it has been fun delving into the dark side. Who doesn't like stirring things up a bit? Bree is actually not the first mean girl I've played. I was a mean cheerleading captain in Nick at Nite's "See Dad Run" and also a mean girl in Disney's "Dog With a Blog." With that said, Bree is meaner than both of those characters combined. Everything I'm doing with Bree is next level.

Being part of "Glee" exposes you to a whole new fan base. What has your experience with "Glee" fans been like?

"Glee" fans are great. They are so into it. They are extremely opinionated and vocal and they have a lot of questions. I think, right now, there are a lot of people who love to hate Bree and that is exactly what I was hoping for. From day one, I've had a lot of overwhelming support from so many of the fans and I truly appreciate the people who can love me as an actress, despite the character I portray.

Erinn Westbrook, Zooey Magazine

I'm sure you get asked about the cast a lot, but have you gotten close with any other cast members on the show? I am still getting to know everyone! But, I definitely feel like I am friends with everyone on set - cast and crew. It's not a hard group to like.

Besides acting, you've worked as a TV personality. Acting sounds difficult, but having to host a show live seems really daunting. How did you handle being an on air interviewer? When I was hosting, I literally was just being an amplified version of myself. For me, personally, that is an easier job. I was rarely nervous. There were times when I'd be interviewing someone in front of thousands of people and multiple cameras ("MTV Spring Break!") and I sort of just was able to tune everything out and focus on having a conversation. I loved hosting - I met a lot of interesting people and had some great experiences with my MTV family.

Erinn Westbrook, Zooey Magazine

Congratulations on graduating from Harvard recently! You were in school while pursuing modeling. How did you balance such two demanding environments? Thank you so much! I miss it - Harvard was a great, formative experience. In regards to modeling, I didn't really start until the later part of college and I wasn't agency-represented until I graduated. I was just modeling for fun, at that point, after being "discovered" in NYC by a bookings editor for SEVENTEEN magazine. My main priority while I was in school, was being at school! I am extremely academic, I enjoy learning and being at Harvard was an incredible and unique opportunity. Doing well in my classes, staying on top of my collegiate extracurriculars and bonding with my peers were the most important things to me at that time and I worked hard to keep my priorities straight and maintain the appropriate balance.

You majored in English. What are some of your favorite books? Too many to name! But, I am a huge Jane Austen fan - my favorite book is "Pride and Prejudice." I am also obsessed with the movie and yes, the classical, symphonic soundtrack. I play it on the regular. There are certain books and stories that enchant me. That's one of them. I am also a huge Shakespeare nerd, and so I reread many of his classic plays when I have time. All of my table books in my living room are Shakespeare plays. I just finished "A Midsummer Night's Dream"...again. My favorite graphic novel is "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi. It's about the Islamic Revolution through the eyes of a little girl. Because it is a graphic novel, so many of the ideas expressed are through pictures. I like the challenge of coming up with my own interpretation of what's going on. Now Reading: "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander. Mind-blowing.

Do you have any plans to write? Movie/television scripts, perhaps? Yes! I am already writing and I have one script, in particular, of which I am extremely proud. I hope to be writing, producing and directing sooner rather than later. It'll happen, I think.

Erinn Westbrook, Zooey Magazine

"Glee" is a huge step for your career. Do you consider it a big break for you? Where do you want to go from here? "Glee" is a big break. It is definitely the largest part I've had and it's on one of the biggest shows in Hollywood. I am so blessed, so lucky... I have to pinch myself every day. From Here? I have a lot of plans for myself, but I guess it's whatever God has in store. A girl can dream, though...

You've done film, television, and modeling. You've explored so many venues and you're still so young! What's next for Erinn Westbrook? It's funny because I still feel like I have done very little! I guess it's because there is still so much I want to do. I hope to continue working on television and films on-camera. But, off-camera, I want to write, produce and direct. Musically, I have plans to do an album eventually. And maybe one day, I'll find myself on Broadway. If I aim for the moon, I'll still land in the stars, right? For now, I'm enjoying the moment, though. One step at a time!

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