This is Me: Bree Turner

Bree Turner, Zooey Magazine A California girl at heart, Bree Turner has experienced every angle of showbiz. From dancer to actress, she’s been in commercials, movies, and television. Grimm’s newest golden girl (and mother of two!) visited with ZOOEY to tell us more about her life and career, and how she finds the oh-so essential balance that gets her through every day.

Having been born and raised in California, what do you say is the best thing about the west coast? The relaxed attitude towards life and the Pacific Ocean.

You were a dancer before delving into acting. Were you nervous or hesitant when first switching gears? Was acting something you always wanted to try? I was very nervous about the transition into acting. Telling a story through dance and movement was something I felt very comfortable with, but to do so with words felt very exposed and vulnerable.

Bree Turner, Zooey Magazine

You were in a lot of comedic films before landing the role of Rosalee Calvert on Grimm. Is there any difference in how you prepare for dramatic roles versus comedic ones? No. It’s all about truth and commitment.

Grimm is a part of the ever-growing trend of supernatural dramas. What interested you most about the show? What do you think makes Grimm stand out? We always refer to a scene or a moment staying very “Grimm”. Basically, it’s striking the right balance of truth, drama, suspense and comedy. It’s what attracted me to joining the show and, in my opinion, is what keeps our fans so passionately supportive.

Bree Turner, Zooey Magazine

In addition to being an actress, you’re also a mom with two kids. How do you balance every day? Laugh, breathe and caffeinate.

What do your kids think of you being an actress? Do they ever want to come with you to work? My oldest thinks mommy’s “mask” on the show is “silly”. She does enjoy coming into the hair and makeup trailer and sitting in the swirly chairs.

You’ve done dance, commercials, movies, television. So much ground conquered! What do you want to try next? Do you have any hobbies you look to build off of? Thanks! I’ve had a very cool and fulfilling professional life. The variety of paths I’ve taken has given me a much grounded perspective on showbiz. I wouldn’t change a thing. What’s next? When the time is right – producing.

Interview by Amanda Evans Photographed by Vince Trupsin Styled by Sarah Chorley Hair and Makeup by Crystal Liz