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Rose McIver | Zooey Magazine

Today, we caught up with Rose McIver, one of the newest and beloved additions (Tinkerbell!) to one of our favorite shows - "Once Upon a Time." She welcomed us into her home and it was indeed, a very lovely afternoon with this sweetheart.

Rose McIver | Zooey Magazine
Rose McIver | Zooey Magazine

You are one of many rising stars here in Hollywood who originated from New Zealand. What can you tell us about your hometown? I grew up just outside of Auckland - at the beach. It is beautiful and communal and the air is fresh. I love our sense of humor as kiwis and its so nice to head home to some peace and quiet.

What attracted you to Hollywood? It’s so far away from home! Work! It's very much the hub for film making and television and was much easier to get regular employment as an actor for me here.

Now you’re living out a fantasy many kids have had – playing the role of Tinker Bell! What’s it been like playing this Disney classic on Once Upon a Time?

It's such an honor to play a fairy tale icon. I'm always taken aback when I think about how fortunate I am to be able to inhabit such a delightful character on this show. We have such a great cast and crew and I have been having a lot of fun.

Did you grow up watching Disney films? If so, who are some of your favorite Disney characters (besides Tinker Bell, of course)? Yes! I was always mad on Simba and Nala, and the genie from "Aladdin." There are so many eclectic and three dimensional characters in Disney's classics. Definitely a big influence on me.

Zooey Magazine, Rose McIver
Zooey Magazine, Rose McIver

Zooey is really big on the vintage fashion look. How would you describe your own personal style? Do you share our same love? I love vintage dresses. I like classic feminine garments and then occasionally I will break it up with something structural like a chunky coat or cute shorts. I often work with a brilliant stylist, Devon Nuszer.

Do you have a favorite piece you love to wear/can’t give up? My Rachel Comey black ankle boots. They are beautiful and incredibly easy to pair with anything.

Tell us about your hobbies! What do you enjoy doing on your downtime? I play guitar and sing. I also write in various forms, stories, poems, and more recently screenplays. I am a good baker - much better at baking than at cooking dinners - I like diligently following a recipe.

Where’s the sleek white guitar from? It belongs to my gorgeous friend Gin Wigmore who's an awesome rockstar. She has several beautiful guitars.

Zooey Magazine, Rose McIver

How do you decorate your home? Do you seek certain pieces or are you more eclectic? I have lived in so many homes in the last few years with traveling so I have learned to adapt. My mum Annie McIver is a brilliant sculptor and potter so I like to have some of her work around no matter where I am.

What’s your favorite room? The sun room at my parents' house. It overlooks the water and there is a family of doves that live in the window frame.

What’s your daily routine like? Like is there anything you have to do otherwise the day is thrown off? I love to start the day with exercise. Running is normally my go-to, or I will hike or do yoga or an exercise class. It clears my head and wakes me up for the day.

Hollywood has lots to offer. Are there any particular kinds of roles you really want to try out for? Like action or comedy or drama? I have really enjoyed dipping my toe into comedy in the last couple of years - only really in a small capacity though so that's something I would like to pursue. My tendency though has always been towards drama, I like stories rife with conflict and tension and suspense. Stories and characters that are put in all manner of psychologically challenging situations. I like to generate ethical questions in an audience.

Interview by Amanda Evans Photographed by Brandon Kidd Styled by Sarah Chorley Hair and Makeup by Crystal Liz