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Zooey Magazine, Home Decor - Gallery Wall Zooey Magazine, Home Decor - Gallery Wall

Zooey Magazine, Home Decor - Gallery Wall

While there are certainly more walls to this room, we decided to decorate just one part of a media room in a family home. Using art prints we found at Renegade Craft Fair (from both the Los Angeles and San Francisco events), and photos from our magazine - we found that the combination works well together! And on top of that, maybe perhaps after a broken frame, we filled a gap on top left with a flower crown that we've used in numerous photo shoots. Surely enough, the wall does give not only a multimedia vibe, but also something sweet and vintage-esque.

The pictured coffee table was a leftover from the previous home owner, and it was once this horrific shade of brown. After some spray shined a metallic gold and we couldn't be happier with our choice of color. After the goldening (is that a word? probably not) the table, we threw in a few hints of gold in the frames and pillows too. We're a little obsessed with gold. Obsessed.

And if you can spot it, some framed photos are from our upcoming issue (we'll remain hush about it for now).

And in case you are wondering...we used the following items for this room: Pillows: Goods by Grinn // Reindeer Wall Ornaments: Wolfum // Flower crown: Flower Crown Society // 'Oh Nothing, Just Hustlin' and MAKE DREAM CREATE prints: Skoope Home.