Portrait of Angelique Cabral

Angelique Cabral, Zooey MagazineIf you’re looking for an adventure, Angelique Cabral (Fox's "Enlisted") is the girl to talk to. You might find her beating her own personal record at her newest hobby or landing her next big acting role. Angelique never hesitates to pursue her dreams and interests. Her go-getter attitude is part of the charm of her sporty personality. She maintains a good balance of action and adventure with rest and repair in her life. From a cozy evening at home with her husband and her dog Oscar to a weekend adventure with the girls, Angelique invests in the old and the new. She has an inspiring way of cultivating new passion in long term dreams and long standing relationships.

How did you get started in the film industry? Have you always wanted to be an actor? I've wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember. I started doing musical theater and dance as a young girl in Carmel, and fell in love with it! I did four plays a year all through high school, then majored in theater in college.

Can you tell us a little about your character Sgt. Jill Perez in your current show Enlisted? Do you identify with her character and personality? Jill is tough as nails, hard core, very competitive and type A. She’s serious about her career, she's one of the boys and can give it as well as she can take it. She's in a man's world, and therefore has a little chip on her shoulder. She's also got heart, which is what I love about her. I'm like Jill in a lot of ways, which is what drew me to the character. I'm a tom boy, I'm tough, and I never give up. When I read the script, I was like "that's me. I'm Jill." It was easy. A perfect fit.

We worked with Geoff from the show before. What a great guy! Seems like a good cast to have. How is the chemistry on and off screen? The chemistry is HOT! Just kidding. But seriously, he's amazing and a great guy to work with. I'm lucky to get to learn a lot from him. On and off screen we give each other a hard time, but it's rooted in a mutual respect for each other. We have a blast every day.

Angelique Cabral, Zooey Magazine

What's it like being the only girl in the main cast? It's an absolute blast, because these guys are great. They take good care of me. But they also torture me (e.g. Parker's pranking/scaring me), because I'm the only girl. I can take it and definitely give it right back to them. I'm like the fourth brother!! But I also think it works because I'm not prissy or super high maintenance - I can hang with the boys which makes it easier on everyone.

Do you tend to gravitate to specific kinds of roles in auditions? I like a woman with a story. With an arch. I tend to be attracted to strong female roles, roles that push the envelope or push me. Anything juicy that I can sink my teeth into.

You've been a guest star in a lot of TV shows. Can you tell us a little about the different kinds of roles you've played? Which show has been your favorite to work on? Guest starring is hard! You come onto a show that's not yours, and you have to fit into the world that already exists. It can be very challenging for an actor, but I have learned so much by guesting. I've guested in a ton of shows, but by far my fave was Don't Trust the B in Apt 23, because I LOVED my role of Fox Paris. That role changed my career. It was a really physical role, and there was a lot to do. She was such a B! It was so fun to play! I also had a blast opposite Hank Azaria in Free Agents, I learned a lot from him on how to wear many hats and the idea of what the whole show looks like. He's genius.

What is your all-time favorite character that you've assumed? My current role as Jill Perez of course! But before that Fox Paris on Don't Trust the B. Or my role in The Perfect Family opposite Emily Deschanel, because that was a movie. It was a long shoot and her arch was awesome. It was my first big role, and it was such a delicious feeling to dive into this character and create her. She was funny, sensitive, strong, and also a lesbian which was my first time playing that kind of role. It changed me as an actor, and I loved her.

Angelique Cabral, Zooey Magazine

You were born in Hawaii on the island of Honolulu. Do you go back and visit very often? Do you ever miss the beaches and warm water? I don't visit often. I should! I used to go much more as a child. I'm a big swimmer and I miss the warm water every day. I learned to swim at 6 months, because I lived on a boat for my first two years of life. My dad built boats, so they put me in swim classes early. We go to Mexico more now because it's closer and easier from Cali! But yes, I love warm water and beaches, that's my dream vacation!

You seem like a very active and adventurous person. Talk to us about your life! Hobbies? Things people may not know about you? I'm very active. I work out every day. Doesn't have to be the gym, but something! I am an extremist. I do everything hard core and fully when I get into it. I ran marathons, I used to practice Shaolin Kung Fu in NYC, I practice Kundalini yoga and got certified to teach. I also do Pilates, crossfit, kickboxing, hiking, yoga, spin, bar method. I do it all. I think the key is to FEEL good and move. Then you look good! I don't worry about weighing myself. I can tell where I am by my clothes and how they fit!! I'm always up for an adventure and I always say YES!

Are you very competitive by nature? Very! At everything! And mostly with just myself, too. So I challenge myself to be my best and do my best every day. That's why I love Jill, because she's very competitive and that comes naturally to me.

Angelique Cabral, Zooey Magazine

We just saw that you visited Gentle Barn! We love them all! And you also visited with our next cover girl Krysten Ritter (hush hush)! Yes! We are besties and do everything together! We are up for anything and love adventures. The Gentle Barn was inspiring and incredible and brought me to tears. It was something we had all wanted to do so we just did it. We will go back again soon; we want to start volunteering.

Talk to us about your friendships - such as Krysten! Do they help keep you grounded? What kind of adventures have you all had? We do everything together! We recently went to Tulum for bikini boot camp. We went horseback riding and to Disneyland for her birthday. We also hike and just hang out and go to concerts. We are always up for adventures and we say YES to everything. We are planning several more trips as we speak. I'm also good friends with Shantel VanSanten; we volunteer together and travel too. My friends are good people, fun people who have full lives outside of acting. Some of my closest friends are from grade school and high school! I am blessed with amazing friends.

What do you do to relax in your spare time? I meditate and read and journal every day. I take time for myself and my husband and my pup Oscar. Being home with them and watching Netflix with some red wine and candles is my idea of heaven! I love being cozy. Since I'm on the go so much, the simple things are what I crave.

Interview by Michele Davis Photographed by Brandon Kidd Styled by Sarah Chorley Hair and Makeup by Crystal Liz