Portrait of Titus Makin Jr.

Titus Makin Jr. Titus Makin Jr. ("Star-Crossed") is one of those guys who you instantly like upon meeting. His smile is infectious and his energy is enlightening. This 24-year-old humbly chats with us about music, his goals, and his support system.

What is a day in the life of Titus Makin Jr.?

Not to eventful in all honestly. I love to keep myself busy with acting or music-related things and I'm always just thankful for God that I was blessed to even wake up and see another day. Some days are definitely a little more busy than others, but I always enjoy the rush.

You frequently relocated throughout your childhood because of your father's work. What has been your favorite place to live so far?

My two favorite places have been Heidelberg, Germany and Atlanta, Georgia. Some kids minded traveling a lot, but I know my sister and I really enjoyed seeing these new places so often.

You studied at the New York Conservatory. Why did you feel you needed professional schooling since so many actors never pursue college or acting school, etc? How important was school to you?

I felt I needed it because I recognized how much work actors put into their careers to be successful in their craft. The training I was received was beyond beneficial and much needed for a beginning actor. There were things about the industry and even being around a camera that I had no idea about. All I knew going in was that I loved "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and wanted to have as much fun as Will Smith seemed to had.

Titus Makin Jr.

Now that you live in LA, you must know the area well. What are your favorite go-to places? To eat, to spend time with friends, etc?

I really enjoy the Hollywood area! Some of my favorite places to hang out with friends are The Grove and eat at the Farmers Market, and I love going down to the beach to play some volleyball and do some long boarding.

So it looks like you're all about fashion. Describe your style to us!

Yes! I'm one of the few guys that really appreciates men's fashion. It's hard for me to describe my style, because I'm constantly switching it up, but the stores I like to shop at that make up my style are TopMan, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Zara, and H&M.

And you're a musician too... Talk to us about what kind of music you’re into, and what kind of music you are creating!

Its been great to have time to finish up my first EP coming out June 27th on iTunes, Amazon, & hard copy. I'm so excited! I entitled the EP "Singer Songwriter Soul" because that is exactly the genre I classify myself under. I wanted it to be upfront and honest as I share a piece of me with the world. I honestly like to listen to so many different styles of music, I really just appreciate any song thats catchy and has significant meaning.

Titus Makin Jr.

Sadly, Star-Crossed got canceled. What is your next goal in your career?

It is sad and I am going to greatly miss all of the cad and crew, but it's also a great time for me to dive into my music because there was not as much time before. I've been able to stay busy with auditions to help get past it as well. I hope that all of the cast and crew are able to continue to work and that we all keep in touch with each other. It would be great to work with any and all of them again someday.

Who are you hoping to work with, or what kind of movie/TV show do you want to pursue?

It has always been a goal of mine to one day work with Will Smith, but we'll see how that goes. I'd love to pursue any script (film or TV) that is intriguing or fun...that would bring me joy to be a part of.

You seem really close to your family. Have they always been supportive of your venture to LA? What kind of advice, if any, have they given that always just stuck with you?

My family is such a huge blessing to me. They have always been supportive of me and my sister's venture to LA to achieve our entertainment dreams. Amazing motivating things they always tell us that keep us going strong is, "Trust in the Lord, He will direct your path", "Don't give up", "Don't let anyone still your joy", and "This too shall pass". Some of these quotes are straight from the Bible and are exactly why I love them so much! I was raised in a Christian household and cherish godly advice so much!

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