Banana Butterscotch Cream Pie Recipe

Banana Butterscotch Cream Pie Sometimes, a pie can be the solution to all your problems. So why not try this cream pie this Tuesday?


¼ cup Butter 1 ½ cups Brown sugar 1 cup Heavy cream ¼ cup Cornstarch 1 Tablespoon All purpose flour 3 Egg yolks 1 Whole egg 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract 1 ½ cups Whole milk 1 teaspoon Gelatin 3-4 Bananas


In a boiler add butter and 1 cup of the brown sugar over medium heat and cook until it has changed in color and smell, slightly dark brown and smell burnt, immediately add heavy cream slowly, it will sputter and rise up in the boiler, set aside.

Put gelatin in a small bowl and add 1 Tablespoon of cold water and set aside.

In another boiler heat milk until scald, meanwhile add the remaining brown sugar (½ cup), cornstarch, salt, flour, egg yolks, whole egg and vanilla to sugar-cornstarch mixture and whip with a whisk until fluffy (1 min).

Now temper scald milk into (a small amount) into the egg-sugar mixture and mix until completely combined, add rest of the scald milk, next add the brown sugar-butter mixture and cook over medium heat until it is thick and bubbling.

Now remove from heat and add gelatin to the hot mixture it will melt and mix completely (do not overmix).

Next peel and slice bananas about ½ inch thick and fold the bananas into the custard and pour into a fully baked prepared pie crust, take a piece of plastic wrap and cover directly the top of the custard, refrigerate until cold.

Remove plastic, decorate with white and dark chocolate.

Recipe // Pastry Chef Alan Carter