La Maison: Noureen DeWulf

Spending time with Noureen DeWulf ("Anger Management") is nothing short of sweet. From pool-side reading to playing with the pup, it's a day simply-spent. 

You recently released some big news (baby!), and then you did a photo shoot with us the day after. You’ll probably have to get used to it, but how does it feel getting photographed while pregnant now?

It feels different. I am embracing the changes and it's exciting to experience a new chapter of life. I certainly have a new respect for what a woman is capable of doing with her body. 

How will your character change accordingly for "Anger Management"?

I'm not sure she will. As of now, the producers have decided to hide my pregnancy, but maybe they will write it in and Lacey will be pregnant! I would love that and I've pitched several options to the writers including one that Lacey could be Patrick's surrogate.

Talk to us, what does a day in the life look like for you? Are you a homebody or do you prefer the outdoors?

I love the outdoors and go to the beach on the weekends and ride my bike on the boardwalk. But, I also love being on my couch or staying in my bed with my laptop and a good show on TV.

Since you live in Los Angeles, what are some of your to-go spots for eating and lounging?

Los Angeles is great, because of all the options we have. I love sushi and Italian. I usually like to go out to dinner, but eat breakfast and lunch at home or on set. I like all the juice places too. Earth Bar makes great juices. And so does Pressed. 

What is currently on your reading list? Scripts, books, or a combination?

I've been busy mostly reading and memorizing scripts. But, I did just start Beautiful Ruins and before that I read The Weird Sisters.

How would you describe the look and feel of your house?

California Modern in the hills. Very peaceful.

Your pooch is the cutest! Does he pretty much own the house?

He's a French bulldog so he is stubborn like a bulldog, but also has that beautiful Frenchie face. It's a hard combo to say no to; he's persistent and then on top of that, he will give you his muppet look. So yes, he owns the house!

You’re on Anger Management, but are there also other shows you’d want to work on? Guest-starring perhaps? We can definitely see you as Jess’ best friend in “New Girl.”

I would love to be on "Homeland," "Ray Donovan," or "Game of Thrones!"

We first saw you in “American Dreamz” and adored you. You’ve perfected comedy! Is a film by Judd Apatow next for you?

Thank you. That would be a dream come true! I'm a huge fan of his work.

Do you have a 5, 10-year plan? Or any goals you’d want to accomplish in the near future?

I have so many goals. In a way, it still feels like I'm just at the beginning. This show has really exposed me to so many more people. I would love to have my own show, I would love to be in more movies! 

Photography by Jessica Castro   Styled by Adina Rohatiner

Makeup by Lisa Wolf   Hair by Ian James