As We Are: Natalie Dreyfuss

"My Mom worked on episodic, which is sometimes 18-hour days. I never saw her. I was alone a lot. I want to create that sense of family. I want a house that's so loud and annoying that you just want to claw your eyes out and go be by yourself, because I've spent so much time in solitude. I'm a rare person that can handle being alone, and I'm alone a lot actually. I travel a lot and I'm very extremely independent. But it's not what I want. I want to be surrounded by loved ones. The big Thanksgivings and all that stuff that I think people sometimes take for granted, because they come from that. I didn't come from that. So it's my goal to have a healthy family that continues to grow much after I'm gone, that would be like the Academy Awards of my life.”

Photography by Isaac Sterling   

Creative Direction by Lucia Tran   

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