As We Are: Autumn Reeser

Autumn Reeser for Zooey Magazine
“I’ve found through the years that I get these signs from the universe when I’m on the right path. They’re stupid little things, but it always makes me feel that I’m in alignment with where I’m supposed to be. For example, after I made the decision to divorce, I was going to New York and I needed a neck pillow, because I was taking a red eye. So I decided, as soon as I get to the airport, I’m going to get a neck pillow. When I checked in, there was a neck pillow just sitting there. I asked where it came from, and the security didn’t know like they hadn’t seen it there. It was really bizarre! One time in college, when I was really struggling and couldn’t afford groceries, I had cereal, but I didn’t have milk. When I was walking to school, I found free milk! The Got Milk? campaign was on the campus, and I happened to be walking a different way than I usually walked, and I walked right into the campaign and filled my backpack. Maybe these are just signs of being an optimist; I choose to take these as spiritual hugs from the universe.” 



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