As We Are: Ellen Bennett

Hedley and Bennett
“What’s the purpose? What’s the purpose for what I’m doing? There was a point when I had my beautiful office, my fucking swing set that I got installed in the office… I had all these materialistic things that I’ve always wanted. I thought, ‘I have it all!’ Then I realized, ‘Now what?’ What else is there? I had a life epiphany. I decided Hedley & Bennett would not just be an apron company to make money. It is going to be a company that will show people you can do more with the money you make as a business. At that moment, I decided I was going to have an incredible culture as a business and that every single person who works for me, works for me because they love working there. It would be a group…a family that is all united in one direction for the purpose of taking all that money and doing awesome shit like working with Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Now, I know what will keep me driving.” 

Photography by Isaac Sterling   

Creative Direction by Lucia Tran   

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