The Adventure Begins Here

We often overlook the horizon that begins to grow where we plant our feet; the adventure begins where we learn to live, breathe, and walk. By turning a blind eye to our roots, we evade the opportunities that we very well have. Whether or not we have the fortune to physically move onward, the comfort of family for support, or the wheels to keep us turning, we have fear and the desire to undertake an expedition.

Both emotions drive us towards whatever unknown that lies ahead of an aspiration, and both is all you need to set forth. Our personal successes begin at our very core, wherever we may be or have stumbled upon. Depending on how you perceive your surroundings, it can be an advantage or a disappointment. Make of that what you will, but the adventure begins here and it begins now with every waking moment. 

Photography by Shannon Sewell

ModelsGasperson Family