Emily Deschanel: Walk for Farm Animals!

Emily Deschanel is the new advocate for "Walk for Farm Animals" which is a series of events with a simple message about personal solutions to cruelty to animals. Community-focused Walks are being held in more than 35 North American cities this Fall, as well as virtually. “Farm animals are just as interesting and intelligent as the dogs and cats who we know a bit better,” says Deschanel. “Yet they are treated by the meat industry as though they are inanimate objects with no feelings or personalities.”

For 25 years, Farm Sanctuary has rescued and provided sanctuary for abused farm animals, educated the public about their plight, and advocated on their behalf. The Walks bring together thousands of people from different backgrounds in cities across the U.S. and Canada to raise vital funds to support the organization’s life-saving work and promote kindness towards animals.

Emily Deschanel Leads the 2011 Walk for Farm Animals! from Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.