Paul Rudd: "This is Forty"

Paul Rudd was pictured performing a biking stunt on the set of his new movie "This is Forty." Although it doesn't appear as an actual hard-hitting 'stunt,' Rudd's stunt double was provided. Rudd is currently the 'idiot brother' in Weinstein's "Our Idiot Brother" film out in theatres nationwide. The movie received an 6.8/10 on IMDb with reviewers stating:

"A hilarious movie written for Paul Rudd: what more could we want?" - imdb-3022

"Unfortunately, it's not a particularly funny comedy, but it is a likable one." - napierslogs

"I really liked this film, It made me smile and laugh. Lots of wonderful stuff in this film. You should watch it." - brandon-entsminger

"This is Paul Rudd's film, and the ensemble does him justice. Our Idiot Brother is charming and enjoyable; the ending feels a bit like a sell out, however, and leaves plenty of room for a sequel, My Idiot Boyfriend perhaps, or Our Idiot Dogs. Bottom line, Paul Rudd makes another (thought not his best) fresh comedy." - Jeff Hammer