Reasons why you should watch "Hart of Dixie"

CW premieres another new show next Monday, September 26th at 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Rachel Bilson, its leading lady, will star next to just a set of talented actors: Jaime King, Wilson Bethel, Scott Porter, and more. We saw the pilot and we now have reasons for why you should watch it too:


01. Rachel Bilson She has a chic aura to her and you instantly fall in love with her in the first episode. She's gorgeous, she's funny, and her character has all the quirks you need to continue watching.

02. Female Doctors Ladies, do you hear us? Bring on the feminism! Bilson stars as a doctor on the show...who wouldn't love that?

03. Southern Boys Let's not get too crazy here, but those southern boys are a must-watch. In all their politeness, they are too hot to resist. Oh right, and the actors are also great.

04. Dialogue Bilson's character Zoe may not be the most gracious person, but her snark makes the entire show more joyful to view. There's nothing better than a girl with spunk, and of course, you have the undeniable drama queen (King's character Lemon) who can't keep to herself.

05. The Show is Fantastic It's original - asides from the typical characters of the: conflicting character (Lemon), the boy who is slightly a man-whore, the sweet but taken man, and of course, the one who tends to guide the leading lady to safety.