Letter from the Editor

The November 2011 Issue - Letter from the Editor
Sometimes we all get swooped up into another dimension that we lose all sight of what is really important. And as the saying goes…’mother is always right.’ In this issue, Zooey Magazine explores the concept of ‘a new outlook.’

A few months ago, the United Nations proclaimed that Somalia is in an official state of a famine. Famine. We don’t often hear this word yet even experience the nature of it. Even though I understand what the people of Somalia and Kenya are undergoing, I still can’t fully grasp the idea that someone…a child, a mother, a father has no food to devour and rarely feels the sensation of being full.

And yet even when this announcement came in the news, very little people reacted to the situation – an utter disappointment. People, who possess logic and the ability to decipher emotions, fail to offer love and help to those who fall asleep feeling afraid to meet the next day. I can’t even imagine the idea of having nothing to eat or not having a roof hovering over my head for safety.

Knowing this, I feel doubtlessly grateful for what I have and what the future will bring. When you experience the most dreadful of times, realize that someone else in the world is worst off.

Through this recognition, we’re hoping all will live to appreciate life even more. Without where you are now, how could you have the opportunity to see the beautiful Anna Kendrick in Zooey? Or the Twilight boys in their ‘Boys Next Door’ feature?

We’re all delighted to present you a cover of all the glitz and glamour that Anna is. She has a spunky personality, which we adore, and for someone so small, she sure is robust and knows how to take control of the camera. Kendrick stars as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s psychiatrist in the new cancer-comedy 50/50. A young, precocious doctor? As if we couldn’t love her any more. I think that truly says it all.

- Lucia Tran