Childhood Frenzy: Living large (and flying high!)

When I was about five-years-old, I very much worshiped “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” In fact, with the spare time I have now at around 1:00 AM, I watch the old seasons of the endeared 90s show.

It was the idea of being able to ‘zap’ with your finger and anything could be done your way or created your way. To a five-year-old girl, that’s pure enchantment. I’m certain “Sabrina” ignited my keen interest in female-empowerment – the female superhero who is just as bad-ass as any other. From “Sabrina,” I jumped to watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Really, my parents should have not left me at home with an unlocked television.

With a talking cat, whose jokes are still relevant to today’s generation, and a vacuum cleaner that allowed witches to fly – I was simply amazed of such bewitching marvels.

I came home one day after learning the “anything is possible if you just believe” lesson and I hopped on our broom and attempted to fly. First off, teachers should stop rubbing that nonsense into children’s minds. Second, I may have been hit in the head several times as a toddler.

My parents convinced me that it just won’t work but, I was determined to shoot into the sky on our shabby sweeper. To be honest, this wasn’t one of the most moronic ideas I ever have had. Three years after this, I thought I could be a vampire slayer.

I sometimes wish I could speak to my dear young self and say: “Gosh golly, you mindless gal. Quit this silly business and get back to reading your Mary-Kate and Ashley books!” But what kind of human-being would I be if I didn’t let a child believe?

I am now able to giggle at all the shenanigans I got myself indulged in. Decades later, when we’re all big and grown, we won’t be able to or refuse to believe in the magic as we all once did. I was living large at five – that flying attempt was the first signal to a whimsical life.

My lesson in this? Keep attempting to fly.

- Lucia Tran, Editor-in-Chief