Brittany Snow: All it took was one vision

To say the least, one beautiful movement was initiated by just one vision from two people. In a world where too many people know more about pain than they do joy, Brittany Snow and her campaign partner Courtney Knowles launched what is known as "Love is Louder." Branching from a prominent non-profit organization JED Foundation, Love is Louder thrived in its online community and among celebrities like Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf), and Jessica Stroup (90210).

The movement encourages its audience to join their campaign by speaking out against bullying and hate, inspiring their friends to simply love, and to end hate the antipathy. Connect with the community on their Facebook and Twitter today.

Snow talks to Zooey Magazine about her journey and her aspirations in the January issue that is out on stands now.

Photographer: Derek Wood Stylist: Lyndzi Trang Hair: Rick Henry Makeup: Brett Freedman Production Assistant: Alex Levine

Brittany Snow was interviewed by Michelle Chang