A day with the Los Angeles locals

Zooey Magazine had the honor to attend the Unique LA's Local Love event this past weekend. The event was hosted on the 13th floor of The California Market Center in Downtown LA, a floor big enough for thousands. Los Angeles residents came out to support local businesses and to show appreciation for extraordinary artists, all of who have their own way of crafting together projects. Vendors ranged from artwork to stationary goods, and let's just get this out of the way, the Zooey team wanted to purchase everything. Essentially an Anthropologie-esque event, Local Love was a success! It was the perfect weekend to delight locals with shopping and sampling...Local Love was a marvelous feast of crafts. If you are interested in attending the next event, visit the Unique LA's website to keep updated.

01. Just a little bit of alcohol in these cupcakes: Cake Bar. 02. We would have eaten the whole platter if we could: DEUVO Gourmet Sweets. 03. Just one of the most delicious goods you could ever eat: Gotta Have S'Mores. 04. A "Dry" drink! Other beverage vendors included The Naked Grape Wine, IZZE, Honest Tea, GT’s Kombucha, and Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur.

01. Nan Lawson's beautiful illustrations. 02. Panorama Press. 03. Kevin Tong Illustrations. 04. owlo.

Making some adorable matchboxes with a new budding organization called DIYFO (Do-it-Yourself for Others).

01. Eva Armisen's art. 02. A new wave of glasses: Wood Eco Eyewear. 03. Browsing Eva Franco's beautiful dresses. 04. Janie XY's cute plushes! To die for.

01. Artistic knickknacks: Sass & Peril. 02. The wonderful pair who runs Sass & Peril. 03. Miss Fruit Fly towels. 04. Zensual candles. They smell more than wonderful.

01. Goodies from Secret Marmalade (from Culver City). 02. I Heart Pies (we really do!). 03. Further. A great method of recycling. 04. Friandise, one of our favorite cupcakeries!

01. Skullastic's clever notebook. Look at those vampire staples! 02. Wolfum home products. 03. We loved these necklaces from Love Nail Tree.