March Cover Girl: Kaley Cuoco

A bouncing ball of illuminating cheer. This is the only possible way I can describe Kaley Cuoco. Not Kaley Cuoco in the flesh…but Kaley Cuoco’s voice. While she sat in her “very girly/no boys allowed” beauty room lined with her marvelous collection of art work (I mean shoes) I sat at my yellow wooden kitchen table in my run down 1920’s Hollywood apartment. Despite being in two different homes, I swear I felt her reach right through her iPhone to give me a “hello” hug. I‘m sure she’s a hugger. It‘s in her voice.

We all know Cuoco for her California girl assets and leading roles on TV legend John Ritter’s "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," the WB’s "Charmed", and of course as the genuine, yet dry-humored Penny on CBS’s smash hit: The Big Bang Theory. This young star who claims she “never had a desperate need to be an actress,” has wormed her way into the affections of Big Bang fans everywhere--no matter their IQ. If it weren’t for Penny’s lovable deportment and deliberate blank expressions, TBBT (a.k.a. BBT) would lose the relatable respite needed for those of us lacking interest in "Star Trek" or intellectual physics garble. Penny is the heart of the show--the “everyday girl” who has given nerds across the nation hope.

As I began my phone chat with the host of this year’s People’s Choice Awards, I hoped she would at least share some of Penny’s sincerity. One question of how she spent her rainy morning and I knew there was no need to hope. Sincerity was there. “I’m cooking dinner for my family tonight, so I’ve been running all around the market and getting ready.” As a longtime resident of L.A., I know how uncommon it is for anyone--especially a young beautiful celebrity--to spend a Saturday evening at home…with her family. Not on a night on the town. Not being seen by paparazzi. Not networking with other famous celebrities. Simply just quality time with the family. I instantly liked this. And her.

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Interviewed by Lecia Doss

Photographer: Derek Wood Stylist: Kristina Van Dyk Makeup: Kayleen McAdams (Wall Group) Hair: Sienree (Celestine) Assistants: Alex Levine and Ashley Symone Lee Videographer: Christopher Orrett Special Thanks: Forge Studios, Veggie Grill, Izze, Popchips, and Goodie Girl Cupcakes.