10 Things about Jessy Schram

Jessy, you are in "Falling Skies" - a show loved by many fans. Understanding that the show is produced by Speilberg, the name itself gives the show so much prestige. What did you think about the show before even stepping foot into production? Were there things you learned from the show that you didn't know beforehand? Things about the cast, the crew, the show itself? Or even career lessons in general.

In the past I've always said, 'That's it! I'm going on vacation- I'm out of town- booked out! Unless Spielberg calls...' I had just been offered my first TV movie and was supposed to be on a flight to Chicago the next day, when the audition came in with no script attached. DreamWorks was producing with TNT and I fell in love with Karen from the few pages I had on her. I had taken a chance by declining the movie just to audition for "Falling Skies" and rescheduled my flight. It's not often you get to play a dirt bike riding, scout in a post apocalyptic world. Yes, there is a romantic relationship that happens, but there's a story of survival and purpose that overrides chasing after a boy. It's not often roles come along that don't include falling at the foot of a love interest or that TNT and DreamWorks give you an opportunity.

The process of making "Falling Skies" has been going on for about 3 years now, though you've only begun seeing the 2nd season, it's taught me so much about being part of a television series, the entertainment business and most of all myself! I've been able to grow as an actress with being able to hold onto a character, and from the support of the entire cast. I have a profound respect and admiration for that cast and crew. That cast is genuine.

So 10 Things is about figuring out who YOU are. Tell us, what is something that people don't generally know about you? Whether big or small.

I'm a wanderer. I love to walk. I will walk for hours and never even go into a store or sit down. If given the opportunity and time, I'd walk everywhere.

What place in your everyday life would you describe as the most YOU besides your home?

My car. It's where I've spent most of my time from a young age- so I think there's something comforting about it. Half my day is spent in it when in LA - so you get to see me. Messy yet organized, efficient without being fancy and available at all hours for car dancing and jam sessions on the steering wheel.

Everyone has pet peeves. What are things you just detest?

Someone mentioned to me that people cutting finger nails in public was their pet peeve and I have to say, I was standing next to someone recently boarding a plane and she cutting her nails. One hit me. I didn't enjoy that. I [also] detest being around people who have a sense of entitlement they use to put themselves above others. And guilt trips. Using guilt trips knowingly is selfish.

If you were to be in a band, any band whether still active or not, which would it be and what instrument would you play?

Oh there's not one answer for that! I'd like to BE Joni Mitchel or stand in on a session with The Doors to experience Jim Morrison. I'd like to be part of the Civil Wars (Joy Williams and John Paul White) and use my voice to create the duets they do. Play guitar and make people dance like Rodrigo y Gabriela or play and write like Dylan or Ani DiFranco. But stick me in the Jackson 5. They're one of a kind and posses an odd circus- like feel to their life and work.

Do you happen to have any odd tendencies that your friends or family have noticed?

I'm told I text like Yoda.

Your top must watch shows this fall are...

"Last Resort." "Once Upon A Time." "Two Broke Girls."

What are five things that are a must have when you travel?

5 things when I fly around; My cell phone, iPad, sketch pad, scarf and a piece of paper with my favorite prayer.

What is your ideal romantic date?

Something random and simple. To me, a romantic date is when you get to experience the person, be together. The setting just helps bring out the nature of each other. Cooking, getting canvas and painting, dancing in the living room, shooting things at an arcade, jumping in the ocean, watching a movie... It's romantic if its personal and you can be you with the other person.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? What kinds of excitement are you looking to take on?

I think ahead and I get excited. I see adventure in travel for work and personal. Success in television as well as being part of some quality movies. A directing or producer credit along with song writing. I see creating a foundation that will serve the different charities and causes close to my heart, that other people can be involved in. Maybe by year 10, I'll get a dog. Things might be more settled by then.

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