What's coming up in June?

Photographed by Beth Studenberg

While the Zooey Team is inundated with new projects and busy preparing to TIVO all the summer television shows (Trueblood, Newsroom, Anger Management, etc), we thought it'd be a good idea to share some things that are coming up that readers can certainly look forward to. After all, summer is a time to relax and have a little more fun than usual. But hey, that's not to say we should spike our cocktails with those 5-hour energy drinks. Let's not end up with a broken hand like Jenna Marbles (who we adore!).

Prepare to see...

- Seychelle Gabriel and Jessy Schram on our website - John Gallagher Jr.'s (Newsroom, Spring Awakening) favorite places in New York City - Delicious vegan recipes from the Lunch Box Bunch - Illustrations from artists worldwide - The time we visited Alexa Vega in her Los Angeles home - And more of Julianne Hough

And we made also made some new friends that you might want to check out...

- Bon Look: Um, adorable glasses. Seriously. Totally. Just kidding, we really don't talk like that. But in all honesty, these glasses are the definition of our nerdy yet stylish selves. - oasap: It's an online clothing store! Free shipping worldwide. FREE shipping. Get our point? - Agape and Zoe: Naturally made beauty products. Keeping your vanities healthy and free of danger chemicals. - Vee Collection: We adore Vee's Collection! Our most favorite piece from their spring 2012 collection is this green-lace skirt. It's so perfect for a day out in the sun, especially under the SoCal weather we've been having lately!

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Happy June!

P.S. We're obsessed with this video: