Just Another Day with Alexa Vega

Our interview becomes more like girl-talk - there’s popcorn, skittles, and us sitting informally on one of her ivory-colored sofas with her legs crossing and leaning back comfortably. Her dog Ramona happens to be right beneath us, under the couch and unwilling to come out as she happily gnaws on rawhide.

Alexa Vega, now 23, offers a never-ending angelic smile as she chats with our crew, wearing her own pair of jeans, a grey American Apparel cotton tee, and a pair of converse shoes. We visit yet another beautiful home in Los Angeles, this time behind closed gates that offers a private environment for Vega and her two dogs (Ramona and Parker), as well as a handful of chickens living in her backyard.

Vega describes her home as “Southern,” citing her Southern roots as inspiration when it came to decorating. She grew up in this house with her many siblings, and now that her younger sister Mackenzie films in New York for The Good Wife, her other siblings have also migrated to the east. Vega therefore mans the house, even as she constantly travels for work and for fun. After some scheduling conflicts, we finally locked Vega down for a home visit and discussed everything about her. We discovered more than we ever knew before...like the fact that she has dated three homosexual guys in the past and didn’t know it, and how she seems to be best friends with everyone from Young Hollywood.

Alexa is pictured here with her sister's (Mackenzie) guitar.

In her kitchen...she told us she could whip up some pretty mean dishes! And loves to make caramel for Christmas.

In her chicken coop in her gorgeous backyard. She grabs fresh eggs every morning...that's just about the sweetest thing we've seen.

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Photographer: Vince Trupsin