P.S. We Love This: BonLook Glasses

If there's one thing we can love, it's people. And that's exactly what BonLook is all about...its customers and its oh-so-cute staff! Honestly, have you seen the crew behind BonLook? They're adorable.

BonLook produces glasses...surely more affordable than your own optometrist's clinic. Most of all, these glasses (both prescription and sunglasses) are rad. Do we have a lack of vocabulary? No. BonLook is just rad. Best word to describe BonLook, we believe. If you love all things vintage, and we do, this is surely for you. If you're going to be wearing such a necessary accessory from morning to night, why not do it in style? Our favorite from their collections? The Tortoise and the Burgundy sunglasses.

And BonLook just came out with new polarized glasses (audience roars!). Again, they're so affordable we might pocket more than two. All styles are available polarized and ranges from $100-200.

The only thing they should work on? A kids' line! We want our kids to look just as cute as us (hush, don't tell the kids we said that!).

For more of BonLook, visit their fun website!

What do you think of their glasses? Ready to grab one for yourself? Let us know!