This is Me: Claudia Lee

Claudia Lee, Zooey Magazine Claudia Lee is an actress and singer who hails from Indiana. She portrays Chloe Grace Moretz's new high school nemesis in "Kick-Ass 2," the sequel everyone is waiting to see on August 16, 2013! We had the pleasure of getting to know Claudia on her set for "This is Me."

Claudia Lee, Zooey Magazine

Can you tell us maybe the earliest memory you have of why you wanted to become an actress? As a child I dreamed about being in the industry from a very young age. I would constantly ask my parents ‘How come I’m not on TV’ and ‘When are we going to move to Hollywood’. It’s been this constant notion of knowing my purpose in life, and how I always felt that this is something that I must do. I’m so blessed and I pinch myself daily because my dreams are coming true.

Claudia Lee, Zooey Magazine

The Kick-Ass franchise has blown up since its first release, what was your experience like working on the film? My experience was life changing, and I truly mean that. I fell in love with this project from day one and have always been a fan of the first film and the comic books. I really wanted to create a character that no one has seen before. I spent a lot of time preparing and creating a back-story for “Brooke” and also separating her from all of the ‘mean girls’ that have graced the silver screen. My goal was to go into this film and blow everyone away. I haven’t yet seen the film so hopefully I accomplished my goal. Working with the crew and wonderful cast was such an amazing experience and I created friendships and memories that I will never forget.

Although the film is very action packed and explosive, is there any inspiring messages or thoughts you took away from Kick-Ass 2? There are many messages that this film brings to light, but one of the most important messages it holds is to be honest with yourself and the person that you portray. In “Kick-Ass 2”, Mindy is battling with being a teenager and the realization that she was robbed of her childhood. She lives this ‘double life’ and it’s difficult for her to confront reality in order to figure out who she truly is.

Now, picture a super power you would have. What would that be? A super power that I would love to posses would have to be flying or teleportation. It would save so much time and would be extremely easy to get out of any unwanted or awkward situation.

Claudia Lee, Zooey Magazine

Besides acting, you’ve also released a song, titled “It Gets Better," which combats bullying in schools. What does the song mean to you and why did you get involved? I believe we all have experienced bullying in some form. As an artist I want to send a message through my work. At the time that I released the single, I was distraught by everything that was taking place in the news, and I wanted to have a voice. When I heard “It Gets Better” I knew I wanted to record the song because it spoke to me. It speaks about having hope and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s such an inspiring song and I thought it would be important to share my feelings on the issue.

If you could have any super hero name of your own choosing, what would it be and why? I never considered or ever thought of myself becoming a superhero. That’s just too much pressure and the injuries would be absolutely painful. But if Brooke were to become a ‘super villain’ I would choose the name ‘Black Widow’ because she’s a manipulative person. Also, Brooke has insecurities, which she covers up while manipulating others and getting her way. She is also meticulous and detailed and plans every move that she makes in life. I believe these actions are similar to a black widow because survival and success are constantly a priority.

If you could work alongside any other actor/actress, who would it be and why? Choosing one single person from the extensive list that I’ve created and still add to; is going to be difficult! I enjoy watching many artists and their approach on becoming a character. I believe the only way to learn and grow is to study the best. I would love to work with Meryl Streep. Her work is so powerful and it inspires me each time I watch her films. She captivates the audience with the choices that she makes, and that motivates me daily to create memorable choices as an actor.

If you could picture yourself in any TV series (past or present), what would it be and why? I would choose either “Married With Children” or “Full House”. I chose these two shows because they resemble the true meaning of family and love even though they are from the past. People watch their favorite shows because it allows them to escape. It gives them an hour or half hour to unwind and forget about their own lives. I believe these shows longevity and popularity were a combination of great writing and the portrayal of normal every day family life. “Surviving Jack” emulates that same message of family in a unique way and of course our writers are brilliant. I’m excited to see the audience reaction to the show and the way that people may reminisce about the 90s!

Interviewed by Pauline Aguayo

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