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Zooey Magazine, Crafts

Zooey Magazine, Crafts

Back in the day, we used to pull out plastic cups and white paper plates for our guest to use when we host parties. Now, with the creative minds of this generation...there has been an incredible revolution in the art of dinnerware. Madhouse brings the most beautiful, elegant designs to items that we often use. It's crazy to see how far we've come with the dinnerware design...and we are obsessed with what we found here.

We spotted Madhouse on Instagram and knew their collections were something we had to have. We chose the Lemonwood Collection, and couldn't be happier. They even have designer paper plates on top of their Melamine ones! And their utensils are designed to look like tree branches. Again, we are obsessed.

Feel free to serve bowls of confetti. We did. Really, we did.

And in case you're wondering, the above photos were shot with the prettiest wrapping paper from Target. Isn't it just gorgeous? It's a watercolor floral print that we wished was available as wallpaper!

For more, visit Madhouse's website! Promise you'll love them!