Twig Creative's Wooden Camera

Twig Camera, Wooden Camera We saw this wooden camera toy from Twig Creative on (run by Steve and Michelle) the other day, and we knew we had to have it. Even though it's a toy for kids, we can surely imagine it on our bookshelves in our office! We picked out the African Zebrawood one, but Twig Creative has the camera in other colors too that we adore.

The inspiration "Our happy, curly-haired little girl is one of the main inspirations for our shop and the products we make. We knew she would love playing with the newest technology, like all kids do; but we also wanted her to grow up playing with toys that encourage imagination, creativity, and that helped her develop her fine motor skills."

Their background "While Steve was going to school studying design, he worked as a carpenter. Beginning Twig was a natural step after graduation. The merger into wooden toys began because most traditional wooden toys are designed to look too crafty or old-fashioned. We wanted to make sure our products were different, contemporary and trendy. In fact, most of our toys are inspired by modern gadgets."

The response "One of the most rewarding parts of owning a small, handmade business is the feedback from buyers and supporters. They always seem to appreciate quality and craftsmanship. We also love seeing parents post photos of their little children with our product. Most of the parents appreciate the design and they say their children appreciate the product itself. It’s a win-win."

The goal "This last year has been quite exciting for us and we only hope to increase that excitement. We plan to expand our line and continue collaborating with various businesses and handmade artists."

And it turns out, Twig Creative is also a master at making furniture too (for our mini people), but it's okay adults...we'll make it work for all of us. Check back on our site soon, because we'll show you how we're going to display this wooden camera as decor!

Photographed by Roneil Chavez