Another Day with Sarah Dumont

Sarah Dumont, by Brandon Kidd So today, we present you our editorial with the lovely Sarah Dumont. She is the kind of gal we want to hang out with. For the day that we spent with her, she was a lot of fun - especially with the addition of her sweet dog Kingston! He really knows how to charm a camera, too.

Sarah Dumont, by Brandon Kidd

Your career is really on the rise. You recently had a role in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut "Don Jon." How have you been handling the rush? I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I'm just having fun living role to role.

Do you use boxing as a stress relief? How long have you been doing it for? Definitely. I've always had an aggressive personality and boxing allows me to let it all our and keep centered. I have been boxing off and on since my early teens and I think it's something I will always do.  

Are there any other exercises you do as hobbies? I love to walk places instead of driving and dive into a pool and take a swim whenever I can. I do do a lot of different activities and hit the gym to stay fit, but I wouldn't exactly count then as hobbies.

Sarah Dumont, by Brandon Kidd

I see a lot of plants around your home! Are you an outdoors person? Yes and no. I love being outside in the sun and surrounded by greenery and water, but once the temperature drops I'm back inside.

Of course I have to ask about your sweet dog! What’s its name? His name is Kingston! He's a little over two-year-old and even though he thinks he's human, he is actually a Pitt Bull. My boyfriend and I adopted him in March and wasted no time spoiling him!

How do you spend the days with your dog? What do you guys do for fun?

He follows us wherever we go around the house and the neighborhood. He likes to play fetch, tag, hide and go seek, but he's more of a cuddle bug than anything else. We're still working on getting him to behave on the leash but he's great off leash at Runyon and the dog park.

Sarah Dumont, by Brandon Kidd

Tell us about your personal style. How would you describe it? I guess you could say its a bit grunge or rock n' roll but it's really all about comfort for me. All my clothes are interchangeable, My closet is one big collage if black, greys, leather, denim, and flannels. I like being able to go in my closet, throw on whatever I see first and go.

Winter is almost here...kind of! Well, Los Angeles is a tad bit indecisive. Are you eying any pieces to add to your wardrobe?

I live in LA so usually winter means a new hoodie, but I'm spending almost a month in Washington state this winter to help with my older brother's wedding. I'm definitely on the look out for some extra long, extra wide, heavy knit scarfs that I can wrap abound me like a giant knit Hijab.

What’s in store acting-wise? What’s next for you?

I am really excited for pilot season to start after the holidays and as of right now I'm on set filming an episode of Fox's new sitcom "Dads" which should air early next year.

Interviewed by Amanda Evans Photographed by Brandon Kidd Hair and Makeup by Crystal Liz (Cloutier)