DIY Snow Globes

Bethany Joy Lenz, Zooey Magazine At our recent company party, we had the opportunity to show everyone how to make snowglobes! Of course, we had to do it without water...but that just makes the entire project more reusable.

Here's what you need: 1. Mason jar 2. Mini trees (ones that are generally used for nativity/holiday scenes) 3. Glue gun 4. Fake snow (we used crystal shredded glitter) 5. Tiny beads (optional) 6. Glitter (optional)

All these were found at Michael's, and didn't cost us much!

Directions: 1. First, take the lid of your mason jar out, and glue a tree in the middle. Be careful not to glue anything around the rims of the lid because it won't be able to seal into the jar once you're finished. 2. You can decorate your tree with beads. We used the little beads as tiny ornaments for the tree, and you can also include other things around your tree. We had styrofoam balls to add that extra umph! Just be sure to glue everything so nothing moves when you're done assembling. 3. Dump maybe 3-4 tablespoons of glitter snow into your jar, not the lid. You can always add more, or reduce the amount after. If you want to make it even more colorful, some of our friends added glitter to the jar as well (or glued some to the tree!). 4. Then put the lid back on the jar, and turn it upside down! Then viola! You have your own snowglobe that's perfect for center pieces or your mantles!

It's a pretty easy DIY, and it's always fun to do with friends. We had such a great time making them with our friends at our company party. In fact, some people really impressed us with their creations and surely put the term festive to use!

If you make one, let us know how it turns out and Instagram it for us!