Little Zooey Magazine

Zooey Magazine Dear readers,

It's your Editor (Lucia) taking over today. After a few years of having the opportunity to work in the children's fashion and entertainment industry (through styling and photographing), I've come across an idea that I couldn't suppress but had to nurture. "Little Zooey" is about to bloom coming Summer of 2014. It is not just a magazine or a blog, it will be a community for parents and their little ones.

Little Zooey will explore ways to live simply, beautifully, and honestly. I'm incredibly excited for this new Zooey division and humbled to see Zooey grow in ways I never thought would be possible. Thanks for following me on this journey, and I hope to see all the parents over at Little Zooey in just a few months.

With love, Lucia Tran

Photograph by Vanessa Perry