Like a Girl

Our latest and favorite commercial challenges what it means to be and act "like a girl." Always brings to light in their new campaign as to how you, me, and many others succumb to pre-established stereotypes of what it means to simply be feminine. Whether we fight like a girl, hit like a girl, run like a girl, we have the conception in our head that it means weak... flimsy... delicate. While we think we don't believe in those conventions, our progressive minds are hindered by what we grow up around. The multimedia, for one thing, does a subtle job of this type of infection. So how about we change the way we consume information, and open our minds and eyes to the reality of it all. Because once you do, you can learn to reject the prejudice of women and change the way you perceive our gender. And in that sense, you can change the world... It just takes one step at a time.

Challenge yourselves, challenge others. What does it mean to be like a girl?