The Project for Women

Our Editor-in-Chief is currently featured on a new blog called "The Women's Project." She comments on Zooey Magazine, women's issues, and her other endeavors. 

Photography by Lauri Levenfeld

Photography by Lauri Levenfeld

On competition: "Comparing yourself to others does not help you in any way. This is one thing I constantly have to remind others, and even myself. I don’t think it’s important to care about where your ‘competitors’ are in their journey, because it has nothing to do with your own journey. Everyone performs differently, and everyone works at different stages. By comparing yourself to others, you’ll do things that will make you lose your own integrity and your ‘authentic self.’ There’s no reason to waste your time beating yourself up, because you’re not where someone else is."

On her early accomplishments: "I’m very private about my work life. I don’t talk to friends about what I do, nor any stranger. It’s not something you say… “Hi, I run a magazine. Blah blah.” So in that case, people generally don’t know. But once in a while, when someone is tempted to do a Google search, I get some nice compliments and emails. I’m always grateful that people are excited about my journey. Frankly, I don’t think it’s nearly as great as what so many young people have done with their lives. I want to help others, that’s all. Until that happens on a massive rate, I don’t think I deserve much praise!"

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