Day in the Life: Luke Youngblood

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Luke Youngblood, who takes on the role of Sid in the upcoming ABC medieval musical-comedy (yes, you heard that right) Galavant. We took a stroll in Los Angeles' Larchmont neighborhood where a stop at Salt & Straw (Luke's favorite) is a must. 

Top: Everlane. Pants: AG Jeans. 

Top: Everlane. Pants: AG Jeans. 

We are incredibly excited for Galavant. Tell us, can we expect you to be singing and dancing among your cast-mates? 

I have to say that I am just excited as you are. Especially because I haven't seen any of the episodes in their entirety yet. Filming the (Alan Menken) musical numbers with my amazing co-stars really was one of the highlights of this job. At the beginning of the series, we see three of us (Galavant, Isabella and Sid) on a quest to get Gal's long lost love back. The songs depict the highs and lows of our group dynamic as we go on this journey. Each song has a totally different style, which makes the show so unique; they really help drive the story. In particular, there's a huge musical number in episode 3 which is all about Sid. I won't go into detail, but I will say that it required an entire day of filming, about 50 dancers, me being thrusted up into the air on a chair and waltzing, in chain mail no less. And that is just one of the songs. So yes, I will be singing and dancing. 

You're part of the main cast, which is really exciting. How has life differed since signing onto the show? Do you expect things to change once the show starts airing? 

The biggest difference is that I have become much busier, work-wise. We shot Galavant in the U.K., which was an amazing adventure. We got to travel to so many picturesque locations and film on astounding sets. It was especially nice being able to share the fantastic experience with such wonderful cast-members who have become my family now. I'm not sure what change will come once the show starts airing, but I am excited to see what it'll be. Perhaps someone will gift me a new car so I can upgrade from my '96 Honda Civic (a.k.a. Hondi). I'll miss her though if that happens. She's gotten me from A-Z and beyond! Most importantly, she got me to my Galavant audition on time. 

Jacket: Luke's Own. Top: Everlane. Pants: AG Jeans. 

Jacket: Luke's Own. Top: Everlane. Pants: AG Jeans

You're from England, but seem to have been traveling around a lot! Are you still living in England and just staying in different cities for work, or are you now in LA, etc? 

I love to travel, which is why it was quite an easy decision to make the move to L.A., 5 years ago. As an actor, I've had the opportunity to work in some beautiful locations, especially on Galavant. When I was auditioning for the role of Sid, I had no idea that they planned on shooting the series in the U.K., so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that I'd be going back home, and being paid to do so! After seeing the locations, it became apparent that there was no other place that we could have filmed the show. Absolutely breathtaking and authentic. Being based in L.A. has given me the opportunity to see much more of the States, which is one of the best things about living there. But recently, I have ventured a little further. Since wrapping on the show, I have been traveling to Japan, Australia and Thailand, which has absolutely blown my mind! I'll continue to be uploading pics on Instagram if you want to come along for the ride. 

You chose one of our favorite LA ice cream shops to visit. How did you find out about the Salt & Straw shop? 

I was on my first visit to Portland, when my friend (who lives there) said that a stop at Salt & Straw was a must. Ice-cream in mid-November wasn't top of my list, but the fact that Oprah also said that it was a must meant that it just had to be done. Considering Oprah is the ruler of the universe. Plus I have a ridiculously large sweet-tooth. My co-stars will confirm this. Let's just put it this way: it changed my life! After shooting Galavant for 3 months, I came back to L.A. and my roommate told me about a new ice cream place had just opened on Larchmont. Low and behold... Salt & Straw! My life in L.A. was complete.

What's your favorite flavor? 

When it comes to ice-cream, I am usually considered boring because I just go for the vanilla. However, Salt & Straw's almond brittle flavor is off the chain! It has the best of everything. Creamy vanilla swirled with caramel ribbons that has been folded with perfectly formed crushed almond brittle and salted chocolate brownie chunks! What more could you ask for? Perhaps a lifetime supply. They should actually pay me for all of the advertising that I do for them. 

Jacket: Everlane. Pants: Gap. Shoes: Steven Madden.

Jacket: Everlane. Pants: Gap. Shoes: Steven Madden.

Are there other areas in LA that you typically hang around?

My friends are dotted all over the city, so I never find that I restrict myself to just one area. One day I may be riding bicycles along the beach in Venice. Another day I may be in the Fashion District buying fabric to make a jacket or something. Then eating at Bottega Louie to get my Downtown city-feel fix. I'll venture over into the Arts District and then across to Silverlake and Los Feliz. There are many outstanding restaurants in L.A. and plenty things to do (like visiting the Getty Center and the LACMA) that I could never pin myself down to one area, and that's what I love about living in LA. You can have whatever experience you want as long as you are prepared to drive. 

And you mentioned you sometimes make your own clothing. How did that start and what's your background in fashion? That's quite a creative hobby! 

Growing up, my mum always had us doing creative things, whether it was drawing, painting, making parachutes for our action figures etc. So from childhood, I'd always had an interest in making stuff. As I got older my interest for fashion, in particular, grew and decided to go and study. I took some time off of acting to focus on my studies and I attended the London College of Fashion for about 4 years, which is where I got all of my technical training. For a long time I thought that fashion was going to be the path that I'd go down, but I missed acting, so naturally it found its way back to me. I still have the passion to eventually have my own line, but for now I am focusing on my acting career and just making pieces for myself in my spare time. 

How would you describe your style? 

Growing up in London, you are surrounded by so many styles that I wouldn't say that I have just one. Nobody fits into a box there, and that's one of the most refreshing things about London. One day I might want to dress smartly with a button up and some trousers. The next day, I'll look like I'm going to the gym. Either way, my outfit has to have that special something. It's usually an accessory of some kind, like sunglasses. They are my weakness. I like that my style is undefined. 

We already hung out with you for a day! Tell our readers: If they were to spend a day with you, what would they find out about you that they wouldn't have otherwise know? 

They'd probably find out very soon that I'm a big kid at heart. One of the first things that I packed for this trip was my Nintendo 3DS. I like to seize every moment that life offers and am a firm believer in the fact that you're only as old as you feel! So if me playing Super Smash Bros. on an airplane somewhere is anything to go by: I'm probably about 9-years-old.  

Photography by Jessica Castro

Styling by Jill McFadden

Grooming by Jeanne San Diego