Minnetonka Moccasin x Little Zooey Magazine

Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a look book called "Live Simply" in collaboration with Minnetonka Moccasin. We photographed the sweetest models in Los Angeles, and had a beautiful time celebrating what it means to live 'simply.'

The remaining details will be sealed until August 20th; the story will be published on Little Zooey Magazine and also on Minnetonka Moccasin.

For now, all we can say is that we are ecstatic to share this beautiful feature, because we were lucky enough to work together with our Los Angeles photographers (Jessica who was behind the lens and Megan who modeled). 


Photographer // Jessica Castro  Hair & Makeup // Jeanne San Diego  

Stylists // Jill McFadden and Lucia Tran  Location // Jordana Hazel

Models // Megan Welker (mom), Adam Bravinder (dad), Matias, and Nora