The Day with Lindsey Morgan

When we met The 100's Lindsey Morgan at Mansion Fitness, we were officially convinced that boxing will be our new sport, even if that means skipping a day of work. Lindsey talks us through the importance of exercise, balance, and staying true to who she is and to us, she's bad ass.

First off, you took us to the studio where you work out. How did you fall into boxing? Why did you choose boxing as a method of staying fit?

Yes, I love going to Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood, it's perfect for great one-on-one training.  I chose boxing because I love action movies and always wanted to learn how to movie fight in hopes of using it for a role. Turns out my trainer, Ryan Naumann, who I had been working with prior, was an expert in boxing, Muay Thai and Ju Jujitsu! So he put me through the ringer... and it is very satisfying hitting something as hard as you can after a long day. 

Talk to us about your trainer! Looks like he's doing a pretty good job!

Ryan's great! I tell everyone I love and hate him equally. His work outs are nearly impossible and he's always pushing me to my limits. I want to cry and choke him because they are so hard but the results are amazing, so I forgive him for torturing me.

Would you saying working out is therapeutic? Is it something that you love to do after a long day of filming? Or simply on your downtime? Or do you stick to a schedule?

I'd say all three for me! I definitely have to keep active to feel like myself. I get antsy and bored, so I like to move! Working out is a great stress release for me but it can be difficult after a long shoot. Or I just don't want to at all when I am off, those times I opt for much more relaxing work outs. A walk, Pilates, yoga. Just something once a day.

A lot of people say they're far too busy to fit in exercise. How do you respond to that? How can you encourage everyone out there to get up and run?

I do understand that. My job is busy but not nearly as much compared to others. I would say find ways to sneak it in, I do that when I know I can't find time in my day. I'll do calf raises waiting in line, walk while on the phone or jump on a treadmill to respond to emails. It's multitasking but it's a calorie burn! 

So you moved to LA from TX, and now you're in Canada correct? That makes you a bit of an international star (or cross-continental). What has life been like after moving? How different is life now compared to home-life?

I'll be honest, both times were a little tough at first but I've found ways to make them adaptable. Being in Canada is great but it's not home-home. I started this new thing where I try and make little habits in places that I enjoy and stick to them so it feels like a home. Like, going for a run as soon as I wake up, writing in my journal at the beginning of my day and reflecting on it at night. Little things, that may seem dumb but if I do them consistently, they keep me happy and have made the transition easier. I get homesick but I also remind myself I'm on this great adventure for this awesome job and I'm so thankful for that!

Were your parents approving of all these big changes, and having their daughter on their television screen?

They are both definitely supportive and proud of me, but I feel they would be that way regardless if I was "successful" or not. They just want me happy... but they would both like to see me finish my degree. I sort of would like to also...

What would you say has been the biggest life lesson you've learned along this journey of yours? Obviously, it's just getting started!

Adaptability and stability. So far my journey has taken me places I have no idea to prepare for, there is definitely not a book out there about "what to expect for an upcoming actress in Hollywood." Maybe there should be one! But it's a lot of trial and error and it's easy to get lost or fall into bad habits or with a bad crowd. You have to create a stability in your life and in your heart to navigate all of this. Staying true to yourself and knowing no matter where you are or who you are with or what anyone says about you to know your core values and your truth.

Photography // Jessica Castro

Hair and Makeup // Jeanne San Diego