Good Mornings

In collaboration with goodhYOUman, we present you 'Good Mornings.'

Some days, we prefer to keep snoozing but like Brett Novek, the founder of the Los Angeles-based casual wear brand goodhYOUman, we have to get up and keep going. Guiltily, we are in the hustle mode of our lives; this means we wake up and check our emails, the news, and social media. Realistically, it is difficult to toss aside our gadgets as we begin our day and we are certain you feel the same way. But, it doesn't mean we cannot pursue a great morning with or without a phone in hand. In fact, it wakes us up and helps us strive to achieve the day's goals. 

Inevitably, we encounter bad mornings all the same. Brett explains, "I think the mornings are tough for people sometimes, and for general. You have time to think about life and the meaning of it, which gets dangerous. If you put on some good music and get your heart rate up every morning, I guarantee a happier and more successful day. I’ve been listening to this podcast by Lewis Howes called the 'School of Greatness.' He has amazing guests on and a lot are successful entrepreneurs. Every single one of them stress how you must have a healthy body and mind to be truly successful. I couldn’t agree more." Thus, a hearty start and mindset is all it takes to get up and persist.

How Brett sums up the start of anything? "You’re going to mess up. It’s the best way to learn. We don’t 'fail,' we just experience. It’s how you deal with that experience that will define what happens next." 

Share in the comments as to how you start your [good] day! 

Blanket: Goodnight June. 

Blanket: Goodnight June

(Left) Shoes: Keds in Stone. 

(Left) Shoes: Keds in Stone. 


Photography by Heather Hixon

Film Photography by Ian Gonzaga

Styling by Madeleine Chapman

Hair and Makeup by Sparkle Tafao

Layout Design and Lettering by Cristina Martinez