Goals for my Son

Motherhood is not easy, but there are few things in life that rise to this level of importance. It’s a (scary) high calling to bring a human into this world and be responsible for stewarding that soul.  I want so much to be a good mother and to raise my son in a loving, god-centered home and for him to grow into a strong, faithful man like his father.

Like many “boy mamas” out there, I want to be a fun, adventurous mother who plays outside, travels, explores and pushes my son to take risks.

I want to encourage creativity and self-expression and raise him in a home filled with music, art and literature. I want to celebrate joy in everyday moments and teach him how to love and serve others; how to give with a joyful heart. 

I want to be a mother who is intentional and present. I want to observe and be part of the curious gazes, the puzzled expressions, the belly laugh giggles. I realize that I won't be present for them all, but I can put my phone away, finish that email later, leave the dirty dishes for just a bit longer…I want to live in the now, and know that there is nowhere more important. With that, I also want to contend for time together and to stray from the "over-commitment trap."  

I am not a perfect mother. I never will be, and I'm okay with that. Motherhood is messy and unpredictable. It is also the most rewarding job out there. 

My hope is to embrace the challenges of motherhood with grace and to surround myself with other women who do "motherhood" well. 

Tee c/o Amelia Presents

Story by  Heather Hawkins   

Photography by Amanda Marie Lackey